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ADCC Israel

The ADCC Israel was a big success, with over 130 competitorsand in the super fight Rory Spiegel (USA) replaced Jeff Glover after Glover gotstuck in NYC because of the snow in the airport

The list of the winners:

1. Oren Levine (Oren Levine Jiu-Jitsu)
2. Dave Mrklson (Amit Hakim)
3. Wheatley Krbrsky (Team Freelance)

1.Ariel Abergel (Ariel Abergel Jiu-Jitsu)
2.Ronnie Sfynn (Ido Pariente)
3. Mark Berger (Alon Cohen)

1. Lev magen (Ido Pariente)
2.Bani Kramer (Amit Hakim)
3. Ram Banano (Amit Hakim)

1. Mike Forman (Ido Pariente)
2.Pini kados (Roy Neeman)
3.Pini Hadida (Pini Hadida Jiu-Jitsu)

1. Kfir Eitan (Haim Gozali Renzo Gracie)
2. Itai Lbovic (Moshe Kaitz)
3. Yonathan Eliyoh (Team Freelance)

Woman -60kg
1. Hebrya Partner (Yoram Ben-Shimon)
2. Gal Lavi (Alon Cohen)
3. Margalit Partner (Yoram Ben-Shimon)

Woman +60kg
1. Emi Frfrkovic (Haim Peer)
2. Korinne Pariente (Alon Cohen)
3. Sarah Jones (Ariel Abergel Jiu-Jitsu)

1. Adam Kados (Adam Kados Martial Arts)
2. Kfir Eitan (Haim Gozali Renzo Gracie)
3. Sagi Dovev (Alon Cohen)

Super Fight
Roy Neeman VS Rory Spiegel
The superfight end in point 5-0 to Roy Neeman

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