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DREAM – Aoki vs Kawajiri maybe in May or July? – Revealed 2010 Schedule

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DREAM revealed its 2010 schedule.

The first show will be held at Yokohama Arena on March 22nd, followed by fiveshows including the first show in Korea, tentatively scheduled at the end ofApril. And of course, the Dynamite!! show on New Year’s Eve.

One of the DREAM’s objectives of this year is to decided “champion inevery  weight class” according to DREAM event producer KeiichiSasahara. DREAM is planning on hosting a light-heavyweight GP this year. Itsgoing to be either eight-man or sixteen-man tournament, “If its going tobe a sixteen-man, then its going to be held in a span of three shows, maybe May,July, and September”and Sasahara also talked about the heavyweight title,”Its not going to be a tournament. One match to decide the champion andone fighter should be Alistair Overeem so its all about who is going to befighting Alistair for a title.”

Then Sasahara talked about Shinya Aoki, the lightweight champion,”Probably May or July, he will be defending against (Tatsuya) Kawajiri anduntil then we are not thinking about fight for both fighters. We would likethem to train for this fight and Kawajiri is injured now so he need to treatthat first anyways.”

So is this mean Aoki won’t be fighting till May or July? Well, not in Japan,doesn’t necessary not fighting. He could be fighting perhaps in the States orEurope to prepare for a showdown against Kawajiri but DREAM is not confirmingany detail about their only Japanese champion.

Also, Sasahara said DREAM is planning on hosting one cage show just like thelast year.


Report by Shu Hirata

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