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Alliance Team

Alliance Team Spreads its wings World wide

As part of a new program developed by Jacare and Fabio Gurgel, Tarsis Humpreys is currently in Zagreb Croatia for seminars, classes and belt tests, it is part of a plan to send our best instructor/fighters to Europe before the European championship to sharp the skills of our students there.

We already have guys teaching and training in Croatia, Italy, Finland, Germany, Greece and France, some of our instructors are: Michael Langhi, Soluco, Tarsis, Alex, Bruno Malfacine, Batista, Monstrinho and Lucas Lepri. In France Paulo Sergio Santos Jacare black belt and Hugo Fevrier Alexandre Paiva black belt continue to train everybody hard. From Atlanta, Ga. we will send Matt Tequila and Jamanta to represent our team.

On Jan 27th Jacare will travel to Lisbon, Portugal to meet Fabio Gurgel, Alexandre Paiva and other Alliance instructors to coach our team in the first big tournament of the year with high expectations.

The plan for 2010 is try to win the Grand Slam of Jiu Jitsu, the European is one of the 5 big tournaments of the year and we are sending some of our best guys to Europe in order to have a good chance to win the team trophy

Meanwhile in the USA and Brazil everybody is starting the year training hard to achieve big results in the next tournaments. On Feb 20th we will host an indoor Alliance tournament open to all our students in order to prepare for the future tournaments of the year.

In April we will have our annual Pan Am camp one week before the start of the tournament in California, we will have all the big dogs coming to our head quarters in Atlanta to train and do the final tune up.

Just to finish, we wish everybody in the Alliance family a wonderful year full of good accomplishments. Just show up in class and do your part and I promise you we will do ours with good instruction and incentive in a positive environment.

Remember that you train in the best team of the world, Team Alliance (World Champions in 98,99,08,09).

Infinity BJJ ACademy

The newest BJJ Revolution Academy opened up in Vista, Ca. Infinity Academy is led by my friend Dylan Dearborne. Dylan is a student of Carlson Gracie’s Black Belt Rodrigo Medeiros is a wizzard of the half-guard and a great person so check him out. For more info go to at

Infinity BJJ: Infinity BJJ
Infinity BJJ

Infinity BJJ Mat: Infinity BJJ Mat

Infinity BJJ Mat

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid Peligro

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