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No one is safe now: Kid Peligro on Twitter

After much encouragement from lots of people Kid Peligro has finally broken down and joined the twittercommunity. While Kid has been one of the pioneers of BJJ news on thenet, he has been very reluctant to join in on the new fracas, butthanks to Gracie Mag’s Luca Atalla and NHB radio show host Eddie Goldman’s encoragement he has finally taken the plunge and joined twitter. So the word is . . . no one is safe! : )

While it will be slow at first while Kid learns the ropes it will pick up speed.

Check it out at

Xande Ribeiro in Toronto Last week – From Chris Blanke

It was our great pleasure to have Xande in Toronto and Toledo just ashort week ago. I would like to thank all those who attended the privateclasses and seminars. At the seminar in Toledo, JeremyHarris of Lima, Ohio waspresented his Black Belt by Xande with Saulo’s blessing!! A big congrats to himand his academy for staying on task and never quitting from white belt toBLACK; one of the strongest attributes

To contact Saulo or Xande, go to (University ofJiu-Jitsu website!!!)

Xande has his own blog–

Leticia Ribeiro & Fabricio “Morango” Seminar

Multiple times World Ladies Champion Leticia Ribeiro & UFC fighter Fabricio “Morango” willbe conducting a seminar at Fit Academy in San Diego. The seminar willgo down on December 6th. Check out the poster below for more info

Leticia and Morango Seminar: Leticia and Morango Seminar

Carlos Machado Winter Training Camp 2010

Only 30 spots available. To register for the camp click here

Date: January 29th/30th/31st of 2010


Friday: 12pm to 5pm – Submission day (only submissions drills)

Saturday: 12pm to 5pm – Reversals day (only sweeps and reversals)

Sunday: 9am to 2pm – Escapes day (only escapes, mount, sidemount, backmount, turtle position)


Full camp (3 days – 15 hours) – $499 –

Pre-registration by December 31st ,2009 – $399

2 day rate: $399

Pre-registration by December 31st, 2009 – $299

Group rate discount – free admission for instructors who bring 5 students.

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu

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