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Hi there, CageFilm were at the British No-Gi Opens thisweekend filming most of the tournament. Most of the Semi finals and Finals areincluded on the video. Some fights didn’t get covered due to the size of theevent (6 mats on the go), list is below for the video contents! Excuse anyspelling mistakes in names, these will be corrected on the final release!

Video is available to order now, will be a download due to the size and also tokeep the costs as low as possible for the buyers! We are taking orders now andwill be giving a FREE video lesson with Braulio Estima from his new weeklyvideo series – ‘Invisible Jiu Jitsu’ available at can choose any of the following lesson for free, just let us know when youmake the purchase for the No-Gi video. Video lesson is normally £6! Price ofthe No-Gi video is just £10 including the FREE Invisible Jiu Jitsu lesson!Limited time offer expires Friday 6th Nov. We will also send you a link todownload another FREE video featuring Braulio Estima – ADCC winning moves. Thiswill be a no-gi instruction video, filming next week.

Invisible Jiu Jitsu lessons. Choose one and let us know with you order! Lesson2 – Side Control and submissions from side mount. Lesson 3 – Guard passvariations. Lesson 4 – Forcing the De La Riva and passing techniques.

Payment for No-Gi video should be by paypal to [email protected] make sure youinclude your email, full name and which Braulio lesson you want. Video will beready over the weekend all being on target!

Video contents

LW Beginners
Phil Patrick v Arron Owen
Richard Ward v Daniel Lambert
Phil Patrick v Richard Ward
Arron Owen v Daniel Lambert

MW Beginners
Andrew Twesanowica v Patrick Vicars
Richard Evans v Nathan Shelty
Patrick Vicars v Richard Edwards
Andrew Twesanowica v Nathan Shelty

HW Beginners
Will Bourne v Andrew Hazel
Adam Kiely v Chris Shorey
Adam Kiely v Andrew Hazel
Will Bourne v Chris Shorey

MH Beginners
Matt Nazar v Christian Smith
Thomas Skrzypte v Christian Smith
Matt Nazar v John Robinson

Stefan Revelins v Perry Jones
Carl Bunn v Michael Thorne
Stefan Revelis v Michael Thorne
Carl Bunn v Perry Jones

Adrian Tweed v Marco Crispini
Aftab Khan v Marco Crispini
Adrian Tweed v Marco Crispini

Featherweight Advanced
Aaron Ay Yeung v Matt Benyon
Paul Jeanes v Adam Watts
Paul Jeanes v Matt Benyon
Aaron Ay Yeung v Adam Watts

ELITE Feather
Kev Capel v Thomas Barlow

ADVANCED Light Weight
Olliver Gedes v Walter Barnes
Stephen Martin v Daniel Strauss
Walter Barnes v Daniel Strauss
Olliver Gedes v Stephen Martin

Paddy Carmody v Darragh O Connel
Darragh O Connel v Sean Smith
Paddy Carmody v Darragh O Connel

MASTER SENIOR Advanced Light
Nathan Roberts v Simon McGovern
Jason Tripp v Simon McGovern
Nathan Roberts v Simon McGovern

Luciano Christovan v VladislavsCernavskis
Luciano Christovan v Norbet
Nick Gregorriadoes v Luke Lamuey
Luke Lamuey v Norbet
Nick Gregorriadoes v Luciano Christovan

Ryan Robinson v Greg Creal
Nicolai Halt v Piotr Kapral
Ryan Robinson v Piotr Kapral

Advanced Super Featherweight
Simona Soukupiva v Paula Flugge
Rose Atwood v Molly Baxter
Paula Flugge v Molly Baxter
Rose Atwood v Simona Soukupiva

Robbie Fallon v Jan Walles
Ashley Williams v David Prescott
Ashley Williams v Jan Walles

INT Middle
David Khoza v Arturs Cernavski
Andrew Smith v Andy Brown

Sahid Khamlichi v Mark Sindenns
Stuart Clowes v Nial Lawless
Mark Sindenns v Nial Lawless
Sahid Khamlichi v Stuart Clowes

Adrian Tweed v Aarron Owen
Steve Borde v John Robinson
Aarron Owen v John Robinson
Adrian Tweed v Steve Borde

Super Super Heavy
Matt Stevens v Radu Dumetresco

Luciano Christovan v Handre Peters
Nick Gregoriades v Norbent
Handre Peters v Norbent
Luciano v Nick Gregoriades

Int SH Masters
Charlie Halwell v Jose Mata
Jason Leadbetter v Trevor Teale
Charlie Halwell v Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson v Trevor Teale
Jason Leadbetter v Charlie Halwell

Ronaldo Edmonds v Matt Stevens
Chris Bow v Sahid Khamlichi
Ronaldo Edmonds v Sahid Khamlichi
Chris Bow v Matt Stevens

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