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Fight with the best…or stay with the rest!

To the attention of
Athletes, Coaches and Trainers

Welcome to the 4° season of activity of ADCC (Abu Dhabi Championship) Submission Fighting in Italy!

The ADCC Open Italy 2009 is the firstinternational event of the ADCC world circuit after the 8° edition of theADCC World Championship (Abu Dhabi Championship 2009) organized in end ofSeptember in Barcelona (Spain), the most prestigiuos grapplingtournament in the world where the best grappler fought for the ADCC worldchampion title.

The road to the ADCC World 2011 begins…it’s a pleasure to introduce andinvite you at the ADCC SubmissionFighting Open Italy 2009, 4° edition of the prestigious internationaltournement of Submission Fighting, featuring athlets from Italy and allover Europe: 1.600 Euro money prize,champion belt for all the winners.

07 – 08 NOVEMBER 2009

After the great success of last year, the ADCC Open Italy will take place againin the ambit of the WTKA International Martial Marathon, one of the mostimportant international all styles Martial Arts and Ringsports Festivalorganized in Marina di Carrara, a beautiful sea location in Tuscany.Theater of the event will be the CARRAFIERE Sport Hall, a great and innovativecomplex with more than 30.000 cover square metres. A four days marathon oftournements and seminars, more than 2500 competitors from all over theworld, 30 competition areas (rings, MMA cage and mats-tatami). Sun,seaside and Martial Arts …

During the week end there will be also a MMA light contact amateurs eventinside a regular MMA Cage; it will be possible to also organize and plan someMMA full contact fights….

All info (schedule, rules, weight categories,…) and documents to sign in the event on

Saturday 07 November 2009 – MMA amateurs tournament
Sunday 08 Novembre 2009 – ADCC Submission Fighting Open Italy

All documents concerning the Athlets Registration and the Competition Feemust be delivered to ADCC Italy Referees at the weight control. Contact ADCCITALY within 12 p.m. of Friday6th November 2009,  in order to signal your list of athletsparticipating, class and weight category.
Registration Fee is 40 € per athlete.

Tel. +39 340 2180966   email: [email protected]

Coaches and athlets are required to readand to sign all the documentation to reach the competition.
For all the documents, hotel booking and other info to reach the competitionvisit our website:

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