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ADCC 2009 Photo Gallery – Day 2 Part 2

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All photos (c) Kid Peligro

1- Mendes with the choke on Cobrinha

2- Cobrinha attacking and Mendes with the kimura

3- Mendes gets the win and the title

4- Hannette with the choke on Penny

5- Shioda attacking Alzuguir’s foot

6-Gunni Nelson on Monson’s back

7- Braulio chokes Garcia

8- Xande and Galvao

9- OVer 99KG Werdum and Cyborg

10- U99KG Xande, Rinaldi and Magalhaes

11- U88KG Braulio, Galvao and Avellan

12- U77KG Popovich, Garcia and Gracie

13- U66KG Mendes, Cobrinha and Hall

14- Ladies Over 60 Staack, Thomas and Cyborg

15- Ladies U60KG alzuguir, Shioda and Williams

16- Xande attacks elson’s foot

17- Absolute Finals Brauliow ith the inverted triangle on Xande

18- Xande stands up to defend

19- Braulio with teh presure on the shoulder

20- Xande raises Braulio’s arm. Check out the emotion on braulio’s face

21- Absolute podium Braulio, Xande and Magalhaes


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