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Dramatic Popovitch/Garcia -77kg finals steals show at ADCC Worlds

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Once DVDs for the 2009 ADCC Worlds are released there is onematch in particular fans both casual and hardcore will want to see first, thatof Pablo Popovitch vs. Marcelo Garcia in the -77kg finals.  Not only was this a great match, it wasbeyond question the most dramatic. 

Not only was this dramatic from the point of view it was one of the finals, itwas dramatic for the background and content. Going into this match Marcelo Garcia was the -77kg champion for the pastthree bi-annual ADCC Worlds while Popovitch was an ADCC Worlds vet from 2005and 2007 both times losing in the finals to Garcia.  For more on their histories check out KidPeligro’s excellent work in the archives. 

The match had more tension between the competitors than most during the weekendwhich showed in moments like Garcia twice complaining Popovitch was grabbinghis shorts while Popovitch stopped and complained Garcia was poking him in theeye.  As the match came close to endingGarcia led 2 (-1) to 0 (-1) until Popovitch obtained side control to sprintinto the lead 3 (-1) to 2 (-1).  Withseconds left Popovitch disengaged from Garcia which raised even more drama whenat first a point was deducted for timidity, a penalty which would have tied thecontestants and forced an overtime round. As Garcia warmed up for an overtime round the judges conferred and tookthe penalty back, ending the match on the spot with Popovitch the winner.  Watch the reaction of the other competitorson the floor in comparison to the other fights for an idea of what the wholeauditorium felt. 

A photo gallery of this match is posted at

Definitely check out this match when the DVDs come out.  No matter what level of fan you are this one alonewill be worth the price. 

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