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ADCC 2009 Barcelona

Fabricio Werdum v Saulo Ribeiro Werdum by ref decision 2 OT

Jeff Monson v Robert Abreu _ Abreu by ref decision 2 OT

Xande Ribeiro vs Vinny Magalhaes – Xande by points 4 x 0 OT

Gerard Rinaldi vs Glover Teixeira – Rinaldi by points 5 x 0 OT

Andre Galvao vs David Avellan – Galvao by points 2 x 0

Braulio Estima vs Rafael Lovato – Braulio by submission foot lock

Marcelo Garcia vs K-Taro Nakamura – Garcia by choke

Rubens Cobrinha vs Rani Yahia – Charles by submission – Kimura 

Pablo Popovitch vs Gregor Gracie – Pablo by points 3 x 0

Leo vieira vs Rafael Mendes – Mendes by sub choke OT

Penny thomas v Cristiane Cyborg – Thomas by points -2 x -1 OT

Hillary Williams vs Sayaka Shioda – Shioda by Submission arm-lock

Rosangela Conceicao v Hannette Staack – Staack by Judges Decision 2 OT

Luana Allzuguir vs Laurence Cousin – Alzuguir by choke 2 OT

3rd Place Matches:

Over 99KG:Jeff Monson vs Saulo Ribeiro – Monson by Judges Decision 2 OT

Under 99Kg Vinny Magalhaes v Glover Teixeira – Magalhaes by submission arm-lock

Under 88KG Rafael Lovato vs David Avellan – Avelan by sub foot-lock

Under 77KG Gregor Gracie vs K-taro Nakamura – Gracie by pts 10 x 0

under 66 Jeff Glover vs Ryan Hall (Vieira and yahia out with injuries) – Hall by pts 3 x 2

Ladies U60 KG Laurence Cousin v Hillary Williams – Williams by pts

Ladies Over 60 KG Cristiane Cyborg vs Rosangela conceicao – Cristiane Cyborg by jduges Decision


Over 99Kg – Fabricio Werdum vs Roberto Cyborg – werdum by pts 9 (-4) x 0

under 99KG – Xande ribeiro vs Gerardi Rinaldi – Xande by points 2 x 0

under 88KG – Braulio Estima vs Andre Galvao – Braulio by submission triangle

under 77KG – Pablo Popovitch vs Marcelo Garcia – Popovitch by points 3(-1) x 2(-1)

under 66KG – Rubens cahrles vs Rafael Mendes – Mendes by pts 7 x 4 2OT

 Ladies Over 60KG Penny Thomas vs Hannette Staack – Staack by submission knee-bar

Under 60KG Luana Alzuguir v Sayaka Shioda – Alzuguir by pts 3 x 0



Marcelo Garcia v Bruno Bastos – Garcia by submission choke OT

Braulio Estima v Janne Pekka Pietilainen – Brualio by submission arm-lock

Dean Lister v Vinny Magalhaes – Magalhaes by Judges Decision 2OT

Chris Weidman v Antoine Jaoude – Weidman by pts 3 x 0

Ricco Rodrigues v Xande Ribeiro – xande byy submission key-lock

Andre Galvao v Tom de Blass – Galvao by pts 3 x 0

Jeff Monson v  Gunnar Nelson – Nelson by pts 3 x 0 2 OT

Roberto abreu v David Avellan – Avelan by Judges decision 2 OT

Quarter Finals

Marcelo Garcia v Braulio Estima – Braulio by sub choke

Vinny Magalhaes v Chris Weideman – Magalhaes by sub arm-lock

Xande Ribeiro v Andre Galvao – Xande by pts 3 (-1) x 0

Gunnar Nelson v David Avelan


Xande Ribeiro vs Gunnar Nelson – Xande by Submission Knee-bar

Braulio Estima v Vinny Magalhaes – Braulio by pts 3 x 0


Xande Ribeiro v Braulio Estima – Braulio by saubmission arm-bar

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