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ADCC 2009 Barcelona

Arrival in Barcelona was Ok. ADCC team waiting in the wings to take all the fighters and staff to the hotel, the Hilton Diagonal in Badalona. If the hotel is any indication, the “09 event is going to be top, it is a return to the great ADCC events of all time with great attention paid to the fighters.

All fighters appear to have arrived. Of notice Rico Rodrigues looks like a 25 year old, fit and thin. Marcio Pe de Pano looks great also, lighter than ever, it promises to be a great U99KG category. Saw so many of the competitors hanging out or losing weight, Marcelo Garcia, Kron Gracie, Hannette Staack, Laura Szafranick, Miton Vieira, Leo Santos, Jeff Monson, Joel Tudor, Antoine Jaoude. Ronaldo “Jacare’ was impressive, most fighters commenting on the shape he is in, Jaca’s biceps are massive and appear to originate from the forearms, i’m not kidding. Jaca stated: ‘I didn’t come here just to fight. I came here to have the best superfight ever!”

Tomorrow is the weight in and rules meeting. Can’t wait for the event to start!

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