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Fightmetric® Announces Launch of the Fightmetric Fellowship Program

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Washington, DC – Looking to accelerate the spread of advanced MMA analysis, FightMetric® (, the world’s first comprehensive mixed martial arts statistics and analysis provider, announces the launch of a the FightMetric Fellowship Program, providing an opportunity for serious data analysts to apply their talents to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

"FightMetric has established itself as the leader in advanced MMA analysis, but we believe that there is no monopoly on insight," said FightMetric creator Rami Genauer. "The FightMetric Fellowship Program is a chance for us to provide the necessary tools to a select group who will perform research and publish their findings. By engaging the MMA community at-large, we hope our Fellows will produce exciting analysis that will spark the conversations and debates that can advance understanding of the sport."

FightMetric Fellows will be given unprecedented access to FightMetric’s complete database of statistics, the most comprehensive set of MMA data in existence. The larger FightMetric database currently stands at over 1,200 fights and 10,000 minutes of fight time. The FightMetric system analyzes MMA bouts across 67 statistical categories, encompassing all strikes, takedowns, submissions, and position changes. In addition to bout statistics, FightMetric’s database includes a wealth of supplementary information, including complete judges’ scoring, referee assignments, and fighter reach data. Fellows will use this critical mass of data to perform their advanced statistical analysis.

Interested candidates should visit to find full applications details. Applications to participate in the program are due by September 10, 2009.

For information on ways FightMetric statistics can add value to your MMA content, please email [email protected].

About FightMetric, LLC

Started in 2007, FightMetric has quickly become the most-trusted name in MMA statistics and analysis. Since August 2008, FightMetric has provided exclusive statistics to the UFC for broadcast during pay-per-views. FightMetric has also worked with major media outlets, such as ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, and AOL. In addition to raw statistics, FightMetric has been at the vanguard of advanced MMA analytics, creating a proprietary algorithm to produce an overall Effectiveness Score and pioneering the use of other metrics like SApM (strikes absorbed per minute) and TPR (total performance rating). For more information, visit

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