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Rory Singer’s Hardcore Gym goes 3-0, Aaron Johnson steals show at Wild Bill’s

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It is not hype or butt-kissing to say Wild Bill’s Fight Night honestly is setting the standard for “local” shows if you can call a show “local” that draws fighters from Detroit, Harlem, Las Vegas, and Chicago. Fans in the Atlanta cable TV market will be able to see the show tape delayed on Comcast channel 1 in “about a week”. Considering the amount of fighters to move up from WBFN’s fans outside the region would be wise to keep an eye on the databases.

Rory Singer’s Hardcore Gym, an affiliate of American Top Team, went 3-0 this night on victories from Lawson McClure, Cale Yarbrough, and in the main event Dave Mewborn. McClure and Mewborn both won in the first round while Yarbrough had a bit of a war on his hands that went the distance.

Arguably stealing the show was Aaron “Tex” Johnson who overwhelmed Steve Sawyer this night. Sawyer started out matching the blistering pace of Johnson in a fight that seemed to be on fast forward for the first twenty-five seconds until Johnson nailed the armbar. Not much is known about Johnson so far but expect that to change real quickly.

The next Wild Bill’s Fight Night takes place September 12th.

Amateur fights (3 x 3-minute rounds)

Kevin Belden vs. Sean Mason declared “no contest” due to early injury

Cameron Smith def. Josh Parker by unanimous decision
Mike Israel def. Eric Heegard 2:47 R1 by rear naked choke
Eric Kriegermeier def. Zach Mason by unanimous decision
Gerry Tena def. Wes Bass 2:34 R3 by armbar

Pro fights (5 5-minute rounds)
Harris Norwood def. Marlon Mathias by split decision
Lawson McClure def. Jaral Bowman 3:56 R1 by TKO
Tim Goodwin def. Scott Farhat 4:42 R2 by TKO
Dustin Chovanic def. Zach Earles 0:29 R1 by TKO
Cale Yarbrough def. Brett Chism by unanimous decision
Aaron “Tex” Johnson def. Steve Sawyer 0:35 R1 by armbar
Dave Mewborn def. Dave Baggett 2:35 R1 by guillotine choke

(Lawson McClure on top)Dave Mewborn on topCale Yarbrough on leftAaron

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