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We are proud to announce that the 2010 National Championships will also serve as the 2010 US Trials for ADCC World Championships in 2011.

All Regional Expert winners will get an invite to fight at the Nationals/Trials that will take place in May or June of 2010. If you win your National division, you will go to the ADCC Worlds in 2011.

This is BIG news for all of you Regional Tournament winners. The only way that you can make it to ADCC Worlds in 2011 is to win at Nationals or get an invite directly from ADCC.

Also to add if you pre-register to the event you will get the opportunity to get a FREE seminar with the following ADCC greats:

ADCC Texas Regional – Houston, TX July 25th
 Pablo Popovitch

ADCC Las Vegas – August 1st – Bally’s Event Center
 Jeff "The Snowman" Monson

ADCC Northeast – August 15th – West Orange, NJ
 Marcelo Garcia

So come and check us out. This tournaments are open to all skill levels.

The following skill levels is for all Grappling disciplines. Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Sambo, etc… If you have 5 years of Judo and 1 year of Jiu Jitsu, you have 6 years of experience. Any sandbaggers caught will lose their registration money and be banned from any future ADCC event.

Men Skill Levels: (Both 18-34 and 35+age classes)
Novice: 0 – 6 months – Time – 4 minutes
Beginner: 1 year and under – Time – 4 minutes
Intermediate: 1 – 3 Years – Time – 6 minutes
Expert: 3 Years and over – Time – 8 minutes

Men Weight Classes:
65.9 Kg and under (145lbs)
66 to 76.9 Kg (145.2lbs – 169.2lbs)
77 to 87.9 Kg (169.4lbs – 193.4lbs)
88 to 98.9 Kg (193.6lbs – 217.6lbs)
99 Kg and over (217.8lbs)

Women Skill Levels: (Both 18-34 and 35+age classes)
Beginner: 1 Year and under – Time – 4 minutes
Intermediate 2 – 3 Years – Time – 6 minutes
Expert: 3 Years and above – Time – 8 minutes

Women Weight Classes:
51.9kg and under (114lbs)
52 – 58.9kg (114.5 – 129.5lbs)
59 – 65.9kg (130 – 145lbs)
66kg and over (145.5lbs)

Children and Teen Divisions: 

For the Children and Teen divisions: We will have you sign up according to these guidelines and finalize brackets the day of the event. In some cases we may have to combine brackets, it just depends how many kids sign up. We will do our best to match kids and teens up with people as close to their skill and size as possible.

Skill Levels:
Beginner: 1 Year and Under
Intermediate: 1 – 3 Years
Advanced: 3 Years and Over

Age Levels:
4 to 7 Year olds – Time – 3 minutes
8 to 10 Year olds – Time – 3 minutes
11 to 13 Year olds – Time – 3 minutes

14 to 17 Year olds – Time – 4 minutes for Beginner and Intermediate – 6 minutes for Advanced

ADCC Regional Championships

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