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Female Rising Star in Hospital Following Brain Surgery

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Up and coming Minnesota fighter, Jessica Bednark remains in a medically induced coma following an emergency brain surgery removing part of her skull.

Efforts are being made by those in the MMA industry to help with medical costs as Jessica had no health insurance.

Bednark fell into a coma following a standard training session this past weekend. broke the incident on their website:

When Bednark took her gloves and head gear off, she told gym owner Scott Kelm that her legs felt like jelly. She lay down and shut her eyes.  When Kelm noticed that her breathing was shallow, he called 911. Bednark’s boyfriend, Jay Gould, said that the ambulance [technician] then noticed that one pupil was larger than the other, an indication of brain trauma. A catscan indicated a ruptured artery in Jessica’s brain.  ”Whether it came from a vital blow or swelling on the brain, we don’t know” Kelm said.

As originally reported on, Bednark went in for emergency surgery at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon and had part of her skull removed. She remains in ICU in a medically induced coma.

Bednark is 5-2, and was training for a June 12 fight against Adrienna Jenkins. Her family and friends are reporting that Bednark doesn’t have health insurance, and they are accepting donations to help with her care. Click here for more information on donations.

Fans of women’s MMA and MMA in general are being encouraged to help Jessica and her family through this ordeal.

Please take time to consider what these athletes go through and the risks they take to do the sport they love.

A simple $20 bill would help medical costs and is much appreciated.

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