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2nd Croatian Open ADCC 01.08.2009

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On 01.08 2009. The Ju-Jitsu Club "Zadar" ( organizes ADCC Open tournament in Zadar, Croatia.

At the tournament are invited all the competitors from Croatia and abroad with the proviso that each category will be represented by only one competitor from each team, including the absolute category.

Competitors for each club are required in addition to the personal data and categories to submit a brief biography of sports.

Based on the results of sports and competitive career will be selected a maximum of 8 competitors per each category including the absolute category.

Competitors sign a statement that they compete on their own responsibility! (injury …)

Competition will be organized in one arena, a tournament is like any ADCC tournament elimination game.

Competition will be held under the ADCC rules without additional changes or modifications. Rules can be found on the official website ADCC.


The duration of the fight:

Normal fights are 6 minutes of which the first three minutes are not pointed, while the semifinal and final fights are 8 minutes of which the first four are not pointed, but the negative points are counted from the beginning.

Difficulty categories:
Men-65.9kg,-76.9kg,-87.9kg,-98.9kg, 99+kg and open Class.


Competitors are allowed to wear short trousers (narrow and wide), T-shirts, or rashguards Kimono. Wrestling sneakers are not allowed.

9 x 9 meters


Secured the prize fund in the amount of EUR 2 000, in addition to this, best, second and third competitors in each category will be handed a medal, and the best club / team cup, and the best Fighter tournament cup.

Croatia, Zadar, Zaton-open stage (

Registration fee:

-150 Kuna or 20 Euros, payable to the venue during the weighing.

– In the place of the competition from 17:00-18:00 pm:

– From 18:00 hours were provided information about the regulations, a system of competition, etc.

– 19:00 start of competition.


-stage opening for the visitors half an hour before the start of competition


-IMPORTANT-to clubs and players, the Deadline is 01. July 2009. year!. Applications can be made by e-mail address [email protected], all other information on Mob.091-721-4737 (Damir Salina)

Please sign in: name and surname of competitors, the year of birth, category of difficulty, club / team / association and the name of the trainer, and sports a short time for announcements of competitors.


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