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Punchy Yamauchi Seeking a New Ring Name!

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Ever since his professional debut he has been fighting under the ring name created by his master Dokonjonosuke Mishima.

However after his fight at the Power Gate show on April 19th, Punchy Yamauchi made a public announcement, in the ring, that he is looking for his new ring name.

Under the current ring name Yamauchi has been playing the role of so-called "kimo-character" meaning sort of disgusting and scrungey.

In the beginning Yamauchi liked this role so he shaved his head, he wore a wig, sometimes dressing in a school girl outfit or China dress, but after two years of a professional career, he realized that this "character" is not necessarily gaining popularity.

In the ring, Yamauchi said, "I began to feel embarrassed about my ring name so I would like to change this. If you have any ideas please let me know. Thank you."

If you have any idea for his new ring name please send an e-mail to :  [email protected]
For the person who comes up with the ring name Yamauchi likes, there is going to be some present from Yamauchi himself.

Report by Yoshinori Ihara (

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