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Yoshihiro Akiyama Weds Japanese Super Model SHIHO

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Yoshihiro Akiyama and the Japanese fashion model SHIHO revealed that they have put their stamps on the same marriage paper. This surprising announcement came via their home page on the night of March 10th, Japan time.

According to SHIHO the two of them met two years ago via the introduction of her friend, "Every time I am with him I feel peace, and regardless of when, I can only be myself."

Back in March 2007, a Japanese gossip magazine did publish a photo of Akiyama visiting her condo in the late hours so for the fans in Japan its not a surprise to find out about their relationship but marriage was totally unexpected, especially now when Akiyama is getting ready for his first fight in the UFC.

Akiyama, on March 3rd, just held a press conference to officially announce his decision of going to the UFC, and in the middle of this month, his first autobiography will hit the stands in Japan.

Being the husband of a super model means he has got yet another connection to Japan’s entertainment world.

The MMA fans in Japan seem as though they still haven’t forgotten about what he did before he faced Kazushi Sakuraba. Many fans in the Land of the Rising Sun, to this date, still call him a cheater. But yet, Akiyama, is a super star in Japan (and Korea) because, after all, he is considered as one of the best in the world and that is the one thing even the Japanese fans can’t deny.

Akiyama is already a big time household name in Korea.

Now he married a Japanese celebrity. And his book will come out in few weeks.

Then by sometime this summer, he will be stepping into the Octagon.

Sounds like a super star.

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