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She’s been MIA in the MMA world lately but her name remains strong.  Gina Carano was one of the most searched names of 2008 and her popularity is still evident.

Many people can’t wait to watch tomorrow nights Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals.  If you’re like many….they’ll tell you "I’m just watching for the commercials."

There’s plenty of doom and gloom on the world economic front, but there are many companies still willing to pay $3 million for 30 seconds in front of a coveted audience.

Super Bowl commercials have been the proving ground for companies to make a impact in front of the largest viewing audience of the year.  Pepsi, never short on funds to spend millions on ads, will put Carano in her first mainstream ad.

With the launch of an updated logo for Pepsi comes a new campaign meant to signify the prevailing spirit of optimism and renewal sweeping the country.  Fueling the spirit and hopefulness of youth, the "Refresh Anthem" commercial features Grammy-winning artist performing Bob Dylan’s "Forever Young" to a visual collage of iconic images celebrating generations past and present.

Within the "Forever Young" spot, MMA powerhouse, GINA CARANO, is paired opposite Bruce Lee making her one of the first MMA athletes to be spotlighted in a national commercial campaign.
MMA fans are praising this but some purists and critics don’t like the comparison between Bruce Lee and Gina.

Regardless, the commercial already seems to be working as it has people talking about it.

Check it out before it airs during the Super Bowl.

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