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IVC 2: Birth of an Axe Murderer (Wanderlei Silva)

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IVC 2:  Birth of an Axe Murderer (Wanderlei Silva) $9.99 for limited time

1997 proved to be a strange year for our sport.  While rules, regulations and limits were being put on American MMA, Sergio Batarelli offered the sport in its most pure form….NO RULES!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….the worst for Wanderlei Silva’s long list of bloodied victims in Brazil.

Regarded as Wanderlei Silva’s "toughest night ever" IVC 2 was a monumental event for MMA fans around the world.

Wanderlei would destroy and demolish two opponents before running into Artur Muriano.

Muriano equally mauled his first two opponents to earn the shot to face Wand in the finals.  What followed was quite possibly the most violent and bloody match in MMA history.

In a match that many MMA fans consider to be ONE OF THE GREATEST FIGHTS OF ALL TIME, two men became legendary.

The two went to absolute war as if two gladiators stepped into the ring.  Back and forth battles with headbutts, bareknuckle fists to the head and body and some of the hardest shots landed in MMA history.

In the end, the winner of this tournament achieved legendary status (along with his opponent).  This would be one of the most captivating shows in the sport’s history.

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