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We received the following directly from Ryan Hall. In it he briefly addresses the split and announces his new academy

Ryan Hall Update, Formal Announcement of Fifty/50 BJJ

As many people have learned recently, I am no longer a student under Lloyd Irvin—though this is not a new development, as we parted ways (privately) several months ago. What I hope will be of more interest to the BJJ/MMA community is my new Jiu-Jitsu school, Fifty/50 BJJ, which I opened a month ago in Arlington, VA with my longtime friend and training partner, Sombo black belt Seph Smith. The core philosophy of Fifty/50 is that Jiu-Jitsu and fighting are exact sciences—and that they can be learned most efficiently by always connecting specific positions and techniques with the underlying principles that make those positions and techniques work. So far, we are very excited by the progress of our fast-growing group of students.

One of the main goals of Fifty/50 is to become a hub for top fighters from around the world to train and exchange knowledge. Anyone from any school is welcome to train with us at anytime. Further, I will be traveling extensively around the world to get all the world-class training and instruction I can, so as to continually grow both as a teacher and as a competitor.

Once again, I welcome everyone to check out our new school and experience our unique teaching methodology and friendly environment for themselves. And, after a long layoff due to injury, I can’t wait to start competing again later this year.
The academy’s website, (also, should be live within a week, and anyone seeking information about training should email me personally at [email protected].  I’ll reply as quickly as I can.  Our Facebook group is:

–Ryan Hall

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