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‘Download a Song by Joachim Hansen’s Heavy Metal Band at Opera!’

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Opera Software, a Norwegian company known for developing the internet browser "Opera", is teaming up with Joachim Hansen who is taking on JZ Calvin in the Dynamite!! show on New Year’s Eve.

To celebrate their collaboration, at the community site called "My Opera" operated by the Tokyo office of Opera Software, a song by Adamantium Avatar, is now available for a free download to registered members of Hansen supporters’ blog site "Team Joachim Hansen Powersed by Opera". Hansen is the main vocal for this heavy metal band.

On New Year’s Eve, Hansen and his corner men will be wearing t-shirts, caps, and spats with the Opera logo. In addition, they will be throwing autographed Opera – Hansen merchandise to the crowd.

Hansen sent a message to the fans via Opera’s Tokyo office.

"For Opera users and MMA fans, I am Joachin Hansen, thank you for all this support all of you have been providing. Again, on this New Year’s Eve, in front of the Japanese fans, I am honored to be able to fight.

My opponent, JZ Calvin is a very tough fighter, and I respect him as well. He is a very dangerous fighter but I am going to toe-to-toe, and will promise to show one hard fighting. Also, I want o thank Opera Software, for again, providing me support. There is always a red "O" logo mark by Opera shining on my desktop."

Team Joachim Hansen’s Powered by Opera:
Report by Yoshinori Ihara (

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