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ON December 8th,2008 China took a huge step for the development of BJJ not only in its own country but for the entire Asiatic Continent with the launching of the Jiu-Jitsu Federation of China. The Chinese Federation has the full support of the JJFJ (Japanese Federation). The Federation brought over Black Belts Chico Mendes, (who is staying there to minister classes) and Leo Vieira for the launch party.

During the inauguration party with over 100 guests, they had several technical demonstrations of BJJ and several videos showcasing the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The Federation’s main objective is to spread the art throughout China. At the end of the party Leo Vieira and Chico Mendes invited all the guests to join them in a class at the adjoining mat.

Since the inauguration Chico reports that classes have had at least 20 students showing great potential of growth in a country of over 1 billion people. Chico’s goal is to help fuel the expansion of the Federation and consequently BJJ throughout China. "I am positive we will quickly be having tournaments here but first we need to work and develop a great group of practitioners" said Mendes/

"The Federation is ready to assist all Academies in China and carry forward the BJJ banner. I am positive the President Mr. Yamada Shigetaka and the entire JJFC team will spare no effort to achieve this goal " continues Chico.

Since the launching of the Federation they have had many demonstrations for newspapers, websites and even TV stations. One such presentation was conducted at the University of Sports in Shangai. "One of the things that impressed me the most was the interest shown by the people of China to the sport. I am sure that we will soon have this explode in this country and have Jiu-Jitsu fever take over China!" finished Mendes.

Here is a video of the inaugural party:

Photos description:

Photo 1 – Logo of the Federation of China (JJFC)
Photo 2 – The inaugural class
Photo 3 – Chico Mendes & Leo Vieira
Photo 4 – TV filming the first class
Photo 5 – Chico Mendes & Leo Vieira at the University of sports in Shangai
Photo 6 – After the class at the University of Sprots
Photo 7 – Chico Mendes & Leo Vieira visit the Chinese Wushu Museum
Photo 8 – Signing the contract with JJFC
Photo 9 – For the first time 3 black Belts in China (Chico Mendes, Leo Vieira & Marcos Escobar)
Photo 10 – Marcos Escobar, Leo Vieira & Chico Mendes at the JJFC
Photo 11 – Over 100 people at the inaugural party
Photo 12 – Chico Mendes, Yamada Shigetaka (President of the JJFC) & Leo Vieira
Photo 13 – Another party
Photo 14 – Chico Mendes demonstrates a technique

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