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UFC 92 Bout Change: Burch v Hardonk in Flux

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UFC 92 Ultimate 2008
Las Vegas, NV
Saturday, December 27th, 2008

The UFC is celebrating a landmark year with their biggest show of the year in less than two weeks.  With the recent announcement of a UFC event in Germany in June of 2009, special attention was being given to the undercard heavyweight bout featuring German Anthony Hardonk taking on Mark Burch of Duneland Vale Tudo.

A small technicality in licensing will apparently cost Burch his much awaited UFC debut.  Apparently there is a regulation that the Nevada Athletic Commission requires a comprehensive exam be submitted for review by their board for competitors over the age of 36.  Burch is 38, and completed all required exams and documentation for his license, however him, his management and the UFC management all missed the requirement for older fighters.  Despite the date of birth appearing on the fighter contract, and the fact that the UFC is accustomed to this procedure for fighters such as Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, there appears to not be enough time before the event to complete the process.

Burch’s management stated ‘we are working with the commission to complete the process, and we are confident that Mark is in good shape and will complete the process.  He will be licensed, it just doesn’t look like it will be in time for UFC 92, and Mark is really heartbroken’.

For the UFC, it is obviously important to assure that Hardonk’s opponent is cleared and ready to go with no issues, as their are implications for their long term European plans.  Word is that they have spent the last few days seeking a replacement fighter and have settled on a fighter from Arkansas, and a contract is being finalized.

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