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ADCC HISTORY LESSON – Thirteen years ago today……The ULTIMATE ULTIMATE.

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On this day in 1995, the first EVER Ultimate Ultimate took place pitting the years best UFC standouts against one another in tournament format.

Opening alternate matches saw:

"Ghetto Man" Joe Charles tapout Lion’s Den fighter Scott Bessac with a keylock in 4:38 seconds (keep in mind, there were still no rounds)

In the other alternate match, Mark Hall defeated Trent Jenkins by armlock in 5:29.  Jenkins would go 0-4 before retiring in 2000.

Then it was the tournament!

David Tank Abbott who quickly became loved and hated with a stellar tournament loss to Oleg Taktarov got his shot at UFC 3 tournament champion Steve Jennum.  In one of the few times in history….Abbott SUBMITTED his opponent with a neck crank in only 1:14

Dan Severn would take on the GIANT Paul Varelans who stood nearly 6’11".  But in typical "Beast" fashion disposed of the big man in just 1:40 with an arm triangle choke.  This sets up a much-anticipated semi-final fight with Tank Abbot!


Marco Ruas offed Keith Hackney in just 2:39 with a rear naked choke.  At this point, everyone viewed Ruas as the "man to beat."

Oleg Taktarov, another heavy favorite, defeated Canadian Dave Beneteau with a straight ankle lock in a heated and fast paced bout.


It was time!  The trash talking Tank Abbott against UFC hero Dan Severn.  In what was viewed as a simple, on sided wrestling lesson, Severn remained on top of Abbott for the whole fight plus an overtime to get a decision.  Later, Abbott would call this "A giant Freddie Mercury on top of me trying to have sex with me"

Oleg Taktarov would then take on Marco Ruas.  The two most dominant finishers in UFC, at that time.  In a back and forth battle, with little engagement from both, Taktarov squeezed out a decision and advanced to the finals.


A tired and fatigued Oleg would face a fresh Dan Severn who expended little energy against Tank and had a quick match with Varelans.  Oleg’s wind got the best of him as the two battled back and forth for THIRTY MINUTES, mainly on the ground.  In the end Dan "The Beast" Severn won a decision and became the first ever ULTIMATE ULTIMATE CHAMPION.


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