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Cage Fights in Tennessee – Dec 11th – Ringside / VIP SOLD OUT

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Guys.  We are officially SOLD OUT of ringside seats and VIP Platinum Tables.  We’ve been getting people that are saying they just heard about it and wanted a table. I want everyone to get the "table" experience with their friends so here’s what we’re going to do…

We were selling the 25 Ringside VIP tables for $750. There are no more left so we’ve decided to do a 2nd tier of table called the VIP Gold tables. Everyone who has bought a $750 table will now be VIP platinum. The VIP Gold tables will be great seats but behind the ringside and VIP platinum tables. We only have room for 15 VIP Gold tables. We’ve already sold 3 before even announcing it so we have 12 left.

These tables seat 6 and will have their own waitress. Email or call soon as there’s only 12 left!!! I know a lot of people were waiting and not acting quickly but if you want a table you need to hurry. There’s not going to be anything else I can do once these sell out (even if you’re a friend) The number is 615-777-9350.

If you haven’t purchased a ticket, DO SO NOW.

Remember… this is the FIRST (REAL) LIVE CAGE FIGHTING EVENT IN NASHVILLE on Thursday, DECEMBER  11th at the indoor sports arena at the TN state fairgrounds!!  Finally, this is the real deal and not the same sissy-type knock-off fights you may have heard about in the news recently. 

The fight will be sponsored by the US Marine Corps, Silverado’s and Integrated Product Resources.

Call 777-9350, ask one of my fighters, or just come by my gym. Doors open at 6 and the first fights go on at 7!

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