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DREAM 6 Mousasi surprises “Jacare” and takes the title

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Greg Muousasi surprised Jacare with an upkick from his back at short distance knocking out for the middle weight title. Jacare shot in early and took Mousasi down and was going for the pass when Mousasi pushed off to create space and kicked twice, the first one missed but the second one stuck Jacare square on the face for a quick knowckout at aproximately 2 min into the 1st round. Jacare arm-locked Zelg Galesic in the semifinal while Mousasi triangled Melvin Manhoef in his side of the bracket to reach teh final. 

Middleweight GP Smifinals:

Andrews Nakahara over Yoon Dong-Sik  TKO R2 (reserve bout)
Gegard Mousasi over Melvin Manhoef Sub -triangle R1 
Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza over Zelg Galesic Sub -Arm-lock R1 

Keita Nakamura over Adriano Martins Judges Decision  (split)
Sergey Kharitonov over Jimmy Ambriz – TKO strikes R1
Atsushi Yamamoto over Hideo Tokoro – Judges Decision (Unanimous)
Masakatsu Funaki over Ikuhisa Minowa Sub Foot-lock R1
Hayato Sakurai over Kuniyoshi Hironaka – Judges Decision (Unanimous)
Yoshihiro Akiyama over Masanori Tonooka – Sub Arm-lock R1
Shinya Aoki over Todd Moore – Sub Rear naked Choke R1
Mirko Cro Cop x Alistair Overeem – No Contest

Middle weight GP

Gegard Mousasi over Ronaldo Jacare – KO Upkick R1  


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