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The 16^th of August the first Danish ADCC event has held in Hillerød, Denmark. With fighters from Fightgym, Shooters CPH, Mascarenhans Team, SFA, Aeon MMA and MMA-CPH/Check Mat BJJ.


Photos of the event can be found at:
*Female -56.0 kg*

1. Ina Steffensen Mascarenhans Team
2. Julie Larsen Fightgym

*Female -60.0 kg*

1. Shanti Abelha MMA-CPH/Check Mat BJJ
2. Camilla Hansen MM-CPH/Check Mat BJJ

*Female +67.0 kg*

1. Taja Lüthje Fightgym
2. Maria Hougaard Fightgym

*Male -66.0 kg*

1. Shamal Tashkilot SFA
2. Brian Gronemann Aeon MMA

*Male -77.0 kg*

1. David Rosmon Fightgym
2. Glenn Aanundsen SFA
3. Simon Grum Fightgym/Shootersmma

*Male -88.0 kg*

1. Frodi Hansen Shooters CPH
2. Nikolai Koubti Shooters CPH
3. Nic Osie MMA-CPH/Check Mat BJJ

*Male -99.0 kg*

1. Alexander Trans Mascarenhas Team
2. Steffen Jensen SFA
3. Otto Knudsen Fightgym/Shootersmma

*Open Class*

1. Mads Maagaard Fightgym/Shootersmma
2. David Rosmon Fightgym/Shootersmma
3. Claus Mandal SFA

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