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Matt Lindland victorious in primary, on to Affliction

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As Americans celebrate Independence Day, the birthday of our country, we are reminded of themes like anybody through hard work and perseverance can achieve their dreams regardless of their ethnicity, financial background, religion, etc.  Themes like if you toil at MMA photojournalism for years you can reach the truly improbable.  

Like running a photo of Matt Lindland in a suit and tie.

As reported previously top ranked Middleweight and Olympic silver medalist Matt Lindland has been running for the Oregon House of Representatives representing District 52.  This isn’t the California Governor’s race where many candidates were more interested in the publicity or amusement than running the state, Matt is serious with a sound business-oriented agenda and a true desire to stand up to the career politicians.  Many Oregonians agreed with Matt as he won the primary election in May by defeating Phyllis Thiemann for the seat being vacated by Patti Smith.  In November’s general election Matt faces Suzanne Van Orman.  

Between now and the general election Matt returns to MMA when he faces Fabio Negao in Affliction: Banned July 19th.  

Considering Affliction is a clothing company it might seem amusing to wear a “Matt for Oregon” t-shirt to the show but there currently aren’t any available to the public.  Donations to Matt’s campaign are accepted at the Matt for Oregon website at along with summaries of his positions.  

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