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A few weeks ago, no one knew of a female fighter named Kim Rose. However, one broken nose later and with a victory over someone named Couture, people are starting to recognize that name. On Friday, June 20th, 2008, Rose made her mixed-martial-arts debut against Kim Couture, the wife of former UFC Heavyweight and Light-heavyweight Champion, Randy Couture. Three hard fought rounds later, Rose was on the receiving end of a unanimous decision victory. So who is she? Here is what Rose told ADCC News in this quick Q&A.  


ADCC: Before we talk about your fight against Kim Couture, what team do you train out of and who helped you prepare for your pro debut? KIM: I train under Master trainer, Boungnaphonh Makthepharaks, aka Kru Mark, under his families fight style, Deth Ko Sin Combat Muay Thai. We are out of San Diego, California at various locations.  I also received help and coaching from his student Rick "Rockstar" Screeton and Jiu-Jitsu from Alfredo Barum.

ADCC: When you first signed to fight against Couture, where you a little nervous about making a pro debut against a name like that? KIM:  I was excited to fight and honor my team and family. I never looked at how big of a name they are. They are just ordinary people like me who train hard and deal with the same pressures of life if not more and when I enter the ring, I don’t look at my opponent and get intimidated, I look to God and have faith in him and my abilities. This was the right timing and opportunity for me and I embraced it.

ADCC: Talk us through the fight and how comfortable were you during the exchanges? KIM:  It felt natural for me to go forward and be aggressive. I capitalized on my strengths and pressed forward as an arrow the way my master trainer instructed.  I know I have so much to learn in all aspects, and when the fight went to the ground I actually felt comfortable on my back.  I used my strength and conditioning to protect myself and still looked for ways to attack.

ADCC: It appears that you broke her jaw very early in the contest. Did you know that you hit her with a good one? KIM:  I knew the first punch dropped her to the ground, but I didn’t focus on the damage that was done, she had so much heart and we just kept fighting.


ADCC: A win is a win but did you see anything from your debut that you need to work on? KIM: There is so much to learn in all aspects of martial arts especially from Deth Ko Sin Muay Thai, I can never learn enough.

ADCC: Who are some of the fighters, male or female, that you look up to? KIM: I first look up to my master trainer who is an international Muay Thai Champion. He has taught me five disciplines that relate to fighting and life; truth, humility, harmony, wisdom, and beauty.  I do have some other fighters I look up to as well like Muhammed Ali, Kelly Pavlik, George St. Pierre, and women fighters such as Tara LaRosa and Roxanne Modafferi.

ADCC: Any idea on when you could be fighting again and against who? KIM: Right now I am resting my mind and body and with time we will see what opportunities come up.

ADCC: What do you do when you’re not fighting? KIM: Well I love training and hanging out with my team, but when I have time I also love to snowboard and play soccer as well as volunteer with The San Diego Burn Institute as a camp counselor for Burn Survivors. The kids have taught me what true courage is.

ADCC: That’s great that you do that. Well thanks for your time Kim and we wish you luck in the future. Do you have anything to say to your fans or sponsors?

KIM: I want to say special thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ, my family, my mom and dad who supported me, Master Kru-Mark, and special mention to Todd “Tadashiâ” Kokka, I would not have been able to do this without you, I love you. Training partners: Jess, Vincent “Bimibapa”, Urban, Jason, AJ, Alfredo and the rest of the team at Ham Hill. Rick “Rockstar” Screeton for his time and patience. And my sponsors Fight Chix and Enyo-Athletics for supporting female MMA, and my friends who continue to encourage me in Christ, Jen, Sacha, and Russ.


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