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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . 2008 Worlds = Lucky 13 . . . Shades of Rio at the Long Beach Pyramid

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A sensational 13th edition of BJJ’s greatest event has just completed with Xande Ribeiro stealing the show. In a Rio’esque atmosphere with team cheering sections conducting  "chant sparring" with each other creating a great atmosphere to crown a new Absolute Champion. Ribeiro won both his weight and the absolute topping favorite Roger Gracie in a well contested ginal by a score of 4 x 2. Xande opened the score early with a takedown and Roger evened things out a few minutes later with a sweep. The fight started standing again after a scramble and Xande got the victries takedown on Roger with a little more than a minute to go in the match repeating the result of their finals in 2006 with Xande taking the Gold.

Both Xande and Roger won their respective weight divisions, Roger defeating Leo Leoite and Xande beating Alexandre Souza. An in form Andre Galvao submitted Braulio Estima with a  choke from the back in the medium-heavy while Rubens "Cobrinha" submitted Bruno Frazzato with a toe-hold late in their match. Celsinho Vinicius won antoher title defeating last year’s Champion Lucas Lepri. Samuel Braga beat Japanese guard player Dai Yoshioka whiel Caio Terra beat Yushuke Homma for the Rooster weight. Sergio Moraes ended his drem event with a  win over an in form Bill Cooper to take the medium Gold. Cooper had submitted every opponent until he faced Moraes.  Antonio Braga Neto beat Rafael Lovato Jr by points to take the super-heavy title

In the ladies it was Kyra taking the weight and the absolute with a win over Luana Alzuguir in the weight and closing the Absolute with er teammate Ana Clara Cordeiro. Ana beat Penny Thomas for the medium heavy while Hanette Staak submitted Fernanda Mazelli with a foot-lock. while Gabriella Garcia defeated Mario do Camro for the Heavy. Miriam Cerquira over Takato Abe, while Bianca Barreto beat Laurence Cousin for the feather.

Overall Team Results:

1- Alliance

2- Gracie Humaita

3- Gracie Barra

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