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The 2008 Worlds takes place on August 5 – 8 at the Cal State Long Beach Pyrmaid in Long Beach, Ca. With the registration closed and completed the competitors are locked into their weight categories giving us a chance for an early handicap. It is important to note some absences such as Romulo Barral, Robert Drysdale, Fernando "Margarida" and Jeff Glover along with some notable returns for Rafael "Gordinho" and Leo Leite. While the field of top competitors is wide and results are always influenced by the brackets Kid will take a stab at an early handicap. Note that I am simply selecting my favorites in each weight division (sorry if I overlooked anyone) and listing them without regard for finishing order. So here it is:

Rooster: Bruno Malfacine & Felipe Costa

Super Feather: Samuel Braga, Bernardo Pitel & Dai Yoshioka

Feather: Rubens "Cobrinha", Bruno Frazatto & Mario Reis

Light: Celso Vinicius, Lucas Lepri, Jonatas Gurgel & Daisuke Suge

Medium: Kron Gracie, Guto Campos, Tiago Alves, Vitor Estima, Gregor Gracie, Bill Cooper & Mike Fowler

Medium-Heavy (Perhaps the hardest division in the event): Andre Galvao, Braulio Estima, Murilo Santana, Flavio Cachorrinho & Otavio Souza

Heavy: "Xande" Ribeiro, Roberto "Tussa", Tarsys Humphries & Alxandre Souza

Super-Heavy: "Cyborg" Abreu, Rafael Lovato JR, Rodrigo "Comprido", Antonio Braga Neto & Roberto Tozi

Super-Super Heavy: Roger Gracie, Luis Felipe "Big Mac" Gabriel Vella & Leo Leite


Super-Feather: Michelle Nicollini, Takako Abe & Carnia Damm

Feather: Bianca Barreto, LAurence Cousin, Leticia Ribeiro & Sayaka Shioda

Light: Kyra Gracie & Gabriela Bermudez

Medium: Sophia Mc Dermott & Hanette Staack

Medium-Heavy: Luka Dias, Penny Thomas & Christina Thomas

Heavy: Gabrielle Garcia & Mario do Carmo 

These are my picks . .  what are yours????

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With the absence of the notables above the chances for Roger, Xande & Lovato (as if they needed help) to win it all greatly increase.  

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid Peligro
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