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We may be just at the dawn of the high-definition television era, but even now, one of its pioneering entities, HDNet, is beginning to make its name known.

As with so many other previous advances in television technology, sports, and in particular combat sports, are at the head of this transition. Their "HDNet Fights" series, though only still available in the U.S. in a relatively small number of homes, is receiving strong critical reviews.

Now an independent web site,, has been running a reader’s poll on the best programs available in HDTV. "HDNet Fights" has been doing well in the first round, and is now mached up against the NBC show "Friday Night Lights".

Here, via HDNet, are the details about this poll and how to vote in it:

Vote for HDNet Fights!
Fight Fans –

Phil Swann is an HD expert  who runs a Web site called for those who are interested in all things high-def.

He is conducting an informal reader’s poll on the best programs in HD and today he’s pitting "HDNet Fights" against "Friday Night Lights" on NBC. We want to put them in a triangle choke and force them to tap.

VOTE NOW FOR HDNET FIGHTS! A vote for HDNet Fights is a vote for MMA, and a vote for MMA  is a vote for America. Don’t let America down, MMA fans!

You have until 4 a.m. ET on May 13 to vote.

For more info about HDNet Fights, visit our Web site at

This is the second round; HDNet Fights won the first over "Law & Order," 78 % to 22 %.

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