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Leglocks are proven submission techniques at the highest levels of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission grappling and mixed martial arts competition. There are countless examples of smaller, weaker, and less experienced competitors using a leglock to turn the tables and tap out their opponent.  This DVD covers the straight ankle lock, the toehold and the heel hook, which are among the most effective and reliable leglocks in a grappler’s arsenal.  

High Percentage Leglocks is divided into 4 sections:  1) Introduction and Principles, 2) Ankle Lock and Heel Hook Entries, 3) Counters and Recounters, and 4) Toehold attacks and counters.  Multiple camera angles as well as sparring and competition footage are used to help illustrate the techniques and principles taught.   This is a dual layer DVD, two and a half hours in length, with over 100 techniques, drills, variations and principles.

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About Stephan Kesting: Stephan is a BJJ black belt under Marcus Soares, an instructor in Combat Submission Wrestling under Erik Paulson.  He has written, directed and produced a best-selling series of instructional grappling DVDs

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