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ADCC’s Breakout in 2008 goes back to the east coast and within the Rhino Fight Team to look at promising lightweight Kevin Roddy. With a record of 7-3, Roddy captured his first title when he defeated Cory Laplant in September of 2007 for the USKBA Lightweight Title. However, the first test for a champion is his first title defense. On Saturday, April 19th, 2008, at Battle Cage Xtreme IV live from the Tropicana in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Roddy will defend his title against Jim Troxell of AMA/Team Renzo Gracie. Will the champion fold or will he put another notch under his belt? Here is what Roddy told ADCC News in this quick Q&A.        


ADCC: You tried out for the Ultimate Fighter and your fight with Jong Man Kim, was turned to a “no contest”. Then you win the USKBA Lightweight Title in Battle Cage Xtreme. Talk about the last two years of your fighting career, the highs and the lows.
KEVIN: The last two years have been some serious ups and downs for me.  I went from being 6-1 to 7-3 with a “no contest”. If you look at that on paper, I went almost a full year without technically winning a fight and that really gets you down.  I took the Jong Man Kim fight on two days notice, and I wasn’t in the best shape for it but I needed the money and I like to fight, so I went out there and fought.  After the suspension, I had some down time and just worked on getting my weight up and making money outside of the ring.

ADCC: Did the disappointments make you a better fight and how close were to being on the Ultimate Fighter? KEVIN: At first, it was a kick in the balls, but then I realized that it’s not really the best way to make a name for yourself. After that show a lot of fighters get targets on their heads. They told me that I am too small for 155 (pounds), and I agree with that, niggas got to eat.  I feel that it did make me a better fighter because I have had the past year to focus on my weaknesses, lots of wrestling and boxing.

ADCC: Six out of your seven victories have come by submission. Are you eager to show people your striking ability or are you satisfied with just submitting people?
KEVIN: I have never been afraid to strike with anybody, I went three rounds with Al Buck, and also (Rich) Boine. He caught me in the third, but I’m sure he knew he was in a fight. As far as submissions go, I’m always looking to finish fights. Most people don’t transfer their jiu-jitsu well into mma. I’ve been rolling for about 6 and a half years so that just comes natural.

ADCC: Looking over your career, you fought some tough lightweights in Jim Miller and Deividas Taurosevicius. Was your fights with them the toughest and who do you think are the top lightweights in the East Coast? KEVIN: Honestly, almost all of my fights have been against bigger, stronger lightweights. I only went one minute with miller so I cant it a tough fight. Yes he is tough, but I wouldn’t know because we didn’t bang for three rounds. I would say that Deividas is tough as hell though. I knew going into that fight he was tough, but whatever, I’m pretty tough too. They’re both tough dudes and are definitely top lightweights, there are plenty of good lightweights on the east coast. Too many to start naming. 

ADCC: Your Rhino Fight Team has enjoyed a lot of success over the last few years. What is it like training with the guys like Frankie Edgar, Carlos Moreno, and Chris Liguori? KEVIN: Yeah, just like any other team, we have had some highs and some lows. I love working out with all the guys, I can’t really just say those three because there are so many other guys involved with our association, Tommy, DeAngelis, Aquino, Brett, Vetti, Dom, Jose Medrano, I forgot plenty of guys, sorry if I did, and we’ve had plenty of great fighters stop fighting because they lost a few fights like Joey, Coleman, and Adam.  We are a big family and it takes a lot of different backgrounds to make that success. But overall yes we have been very successful. 

ADCC: What are your thoughts of your opponent Tim Troxell and his team? KEVIN: Tim Troxell seems like a nice dude.  I’ve known him for a like a year, but people, if he wants to fight, then I can assure you I’m coming to fight him.  That’s a promise.  They have a good program as well, the millers, mikes a cool guy, but like a said we are fighting.

ADCC: He’s a wrestler with good jiu-jitsu. Do you believe this fight will end in a submission, if so, who’s getting submitted? KEVIN:  If I could predict fights, I wouldn’t have losses, so of course I want to win, but I’m not telling you how, or when I will win. 

ADCC: If you win this fight, who do you want to fight next? KEVIN:  Kimbo (laughs)!  Nah, for real I don’t care who I fight, but I just like to fight.  Comes natural to me and I have fun doing it. Whenever I fight, I always smile, but people take their fights so serious. Relax, chill the fuck out, enjoy it, you only get in their fifteen minuets at a time.  That to me is the greatest satisfaction in life.

ADCC: Thanks for your time Kevin and we wish you luck on the 19th. Do you have anything to say to your fans or sponsors? KEVIN:  Yeah, come see me win, I have some really good sponsors now. I have been in Florida working with Kurt Pellegrino, Drew Fickett, and all the guys down at the Armory, so my health is great, and my training is even better.

Roddy securing the armbar on Kim

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