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After Ed Herman lost his first two bouts in the UFC, he had to go back to the drawing board. The hype that surrounded him from the Ultimate Fighter show was almost lost. However, Herman put more time in the gym and more importantly, became a more focused fighter. The results are already showing. Since losing to Kendall Grove and Jason Macdonald, the “short fuse” has put together a nice three fight winning streak which has included two submissions and a knockout. Here is what Herman told ADCC News in this quick Q&A.


ADCC:  Ed before we talk about your fight, you’re original opponent, Dave Terrell, withdrew to an injury.  How hard was it to switch gears to focus on Joe Doerksen and did you personally ask for the rematch? ED:   That’s part of the game. Opponents can always change and I kind of expected Terrell to pull out. It’s not the first time, so I was mentally prepared. It was a similar style match up so there wasn’t much to change. I was super stoked to get to avenge a loss. No, I didn’t ask for the fight but he was definitely on my list.

ADCC:  The fight with you and Doerksen was a war.  You seemed to dominate for the first round but got near the end of the second round, you were caught in a triangle choke but the round ended.  Did you know how much time was left and if that round was 10 seconds longer, are you tapping? ED: The choke was tight and so was the arm.  Was not sure how much time was left  but I new there wasn’t much. I would have went to sleep before tapping and I think I was going to break the triangle. Our positions changed at the end there, but you never know, right? (laughs)  Shit was tight.

ADCC:  Then in the third, you found a rhythm and knocked him out.  Take us through that sequence right up until the knockout. ED:  It took me a few to recover from fighting the triangle but once I caught my breath, I could tell he was tired and hurt.  Things just came together, like you said I found my rhythm.

ADCC:  For that victory you received knockout of the night bonus and won over $50,000 more.  I was in front row at the press conference and your face lit up when he announced that.  How bad did you need that money and how rewarding was it to receive the bonus for knocking out an opponent like Doerksen? ED: I was very excited about the bonus. I got twins on the way so the extra money was awesome. It was also great to not only get a sweet knock out but to do it avenging a loss.

ADCC:  This is your third fight in a row that you’ve won and you’re currently undefeated in 2007.  Since losing your first two UFC fights, what has been different that you’ve been so successful? ED: I think its because I’m more mentally prepared than ever. I’m maturing as a fighter. My weight cut, my warm up, everything’s better.  Plus I think I just hit my prime.  Suckas better watch out. (laughs) 

ADCC:  Kendall Grove was your counterpart in the Ultimate Fighter reality show.  He beat you by a very close decision.  Do you want to face him again or is that chapter closed for you? ED: No way, that chapter is closed.  I would love a rematch but I do respect the guy and I like him as a person. But again, would love a rematch.

ADCC:  If it was up to you, who would you fight next and why? ED: That’s hard to say.  There’s a lot of guys out there to fight but I’ll give u a few names; Kazou Misaki, (Jason) Macdonald, and of course, Kendall (Grove). Anybody who’s on a roll and needs an ass whooping. (laughs).

ADCC:  What’s next for Ed Herman?  Are you taking time off or going right back in the gym? ED: I’m back in the gym already. I took two weeks off but I’m slowly picking up the pace, especially here after the holidays.


ADCC:  Thanks for your time Ed and we wish you luck in the future.  Do you have anything to say to your fans or sponsors? ED: Thanks for the support from you guys and all the fans.  All of this would not be possible with out the fans.  Gotta thank my sponsors, Warrior Wear,, Reo Cash Flow, Serious Pimp, and Condom Depot.

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