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Special Article! – ‘Ryan Gracie – Death of a Warrior’

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“My son is a champion and his spirit will remain.” – Robson Gracie After the shocking news of Ryan Gracie’s death, much speculation remains as to what caused the death of this athlete. Drug specialists in Rio warned that the combination of depressants with illegal drugs can be deadly and might be what caused the death of jiu jitsu/MMA star Ryan Gracie.

Flávia Gracie, his sister, has blamed Ryan’s psychiatrist Sabino Ferreira de Farias Neto who had administered a cocktail of medications between 2AM and 5AM of causing the death of her brother. Ryan had taken the cocktail, with anticonvulsives, tranquilizers and antiallergenics before dying. A urine exam, taken on Friday, detected the presence of substances found in cocaine, crack, marihuana and also benzodiazepine, utilized for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and convulsions.

“Cocaine is a very powerful and dangerous drug. Its effect on the heart can cause a cardiac arrest.” Emphasized a specialist.  “The mixture of narcotics with another agent such as marijuana, which also has an effect on the heart, can also increase that risk.”

It was confirmed that had Ryan Gracie had consumed “painkillers” and other substances which brought together various factors which increased the risk of cardiac arrest.  “Anti anxiety drugs can interfere with a persons cardiac rhythm no matter how young or apparently healthy.” Stated specialist Luna Filho.  “He also emphasized that any medication for anxiety, insomnia or depression must be taken under medical supervision.”

It was reported that the psychiatrist administered six types of prescriptions to Ryan between two and five AM. According to the doctor Ryan had taken three capsules of Haldol also known as Haloperidol. Listed among its uses are the following, “Haloperidol is used to treat certain mental/mood disorders (e.g., schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorders). “ These are the side effects “Dizziness, drowsiness, difficulty urinating, sleep disturbances, headache, and anxiety may occur.” There is also a risk of overdose listed and, “This medication can reduce sweating, making you more likely to get heatstroke. Avoid hard work and exercise in hot weather. Caution is advised …effects on the heart. “

Flávia Grace who had accompanied her brother during the tests said that Ryan seemed fine despite the effect of the medications.  But it was the excessive dosing of the fighter which occurred later which is being attributed to his death.  The family also insists that the fighter should have been medically supervised and should not have been jailed without it.

“He was running away from himself the entire time.”  Lamented Ryan’s father, Robson at Ryan’s wake “ We tried to set up meetings with a psychologist, but he refused to receive treatment. My son is resting now, sleeping, after living intensely for his thirty-three years.  Despite making some mistakes, Ryan was a warrior.  He was a knight in search of adventure, a hero in the ring.  My son is a champion and his spirit will remain.”
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PIC: Ryan Graice (middle-left) and his master Renzo Gracie were the leader of Team Gracie in PRIDE Bushido series.

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