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Year end is usually a slow time for everyone but not for some members of the Gracie family. Recently Royler Gracie did a seminar tour on the US and soon he wil be going to the Phillipines for the Ring of Fire show. His brother Rickson Gracie is now on the North Shore of Oahu doing a project with Quiksilver (more on that below) and partaking of some great waves. Royce Gracie is currently in Rio for some well deserved R&R before returning to the US later this week. Royce will be going to the Ring of Fire show as well as he is coaching one of the teams fighting in the events.

Our friend JD reports on Rickson’s stay at the Quiksilver House on the North Shore of Oahu


Well the North Shore is really heating up now! With the Triple Crown of surfing in town and the surf pumping thru, it makes sense that surfers from all over the world come to enjoy. Names such as Andy Irons, Sunny Garcia and Kelly Slater are common this time of year, but a name such as Rickson Gracie? Yes, that’s right, the Legendary Rickson Gracie is on the North Shore to surf the great waves and relax on the beautiful beaches. 

Well relax . . . not really! Rickson has been spotted training on the beach every morning and surfing all day. Rickson is staying with his son Kron at the Quiksilver Proformance house, which is located at Velzyland. Kron has been teaching the Quiksilver team, Gracie Jiu-jitsu every night, but last night the team got a great surprise as Rickson taught class with Kron. It was unreal treat for everybody to say the least, Rickson breaks things down so simple with the best details you’ve ever seen! Wow the Gracies have made a big impact here the season allready with Royler here a couple weeks ago and now Rickson.. And of course Kron has been holding down the fort the whole time!

Quiksilver nailed an interview with Rickson and it should be up on there site next week, will give you guys a link when its up. Please don’t forget about the Eddie Aikau opening ceremonies live webcast Thursday Nov. 29th at 3:30PM Hawaiian time or 5:30PM Pacific time.

I’m sure both Rickson and Kron will be there to share the Aloha!!!

See you guys online,

Link to Quiksilver (Eddie Aikau) then click on live:

Gracie Barra Santa Ana – Continuing to Raise the Bar

This month, GB Company launched the prototype of its Gracie Barra Premium School Program with the inauguration of Gracie Barra Santa Ana where professors Ulpiano Malachias and Fabio Costa are doing an spectacular job. The new program consists in a new relationship between the GB Association and the GB School, where the former provides wide and deep support to the later by offering training, consulting and billing services.

All the GB Premium schools have 100 percent of implementation of the Gracie Barra Standardization Principles and follow very strict performance and quality standards, the same ones of Gracie Barra America, the headquarters of the GB Family.

The prototype of the Gracie Barra Premium Schools Program is for now restricted to the Orange County and Los Angeles County region as it requires a intensive training sessions with the actual involvement of GB America’s staff. The program holds the promise of creating at least five new GB schools within the following six months. Cities like Yorba Linda, San Clemente, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, and West Lake are included on the Program’s radar. These communities will soon benefit from having a Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school close to home.  

Now Go Train Jiu-Jitsu, 

Kid Peligro 
[email protected]


Rickson, Kron and the Quiksilver troopsGracie Barra Group

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