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Jorge Rivera is a veteran mixed-martial-arts fighter who has been around. From fighting in the biggest shows like the Ultimate Fighting Championship to competing in smaller shows like the World Fighting League, Rivera is always up for a challenge. Rivera’s last fight was in the UFC, a 14 second knock out loss to Terry Martin in April. The taste of that loss is something Rivera wants to erase. He may have that opportunity early next year in the UFC. Although all rumors point to him facing Kendall Grove, according to Rivera, this fight is not 100 percent certain. But whenever Rivera fights again, he knows he has to better than his last fight. Here is what Rivera told ADCC News in this quick Q&A.


ADCC:  Before we get into your future, let’s talk about your last fight with Terry Martin at UFC 67.  How disappointed were you in your performance and did any outside distractions or injuries effect your performance? JORGE: No, just got caught with a good punch


ADCC:  Your fight with Martin was your only fight this year and you had an unusual quiet 2007.  Why haven’t you been more active? JORGE: My jaw was broken (in) my last fight and I needed the time to heal, recover and train


ADCC:  How is training going? JORGE: Training is good right now. Everything is good


ADCC:  When we look at your weight class in the UFC, the Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva just defeated Rich Franklin.  You fought them both, what is your analysis of them and their two fights? JORGE: I think Anderson may have caught Rich by some surprise in the first fight and psychologically stayed there for the second.


ADCC: There are rumors going around that you will be fighting Kendall Grove at UFC 80.  Have your been offered this match and are the contracts signed? JORGE: We’ll wait and see how it unfolds.


ADCC:  What is your game plan for a fighter like Grove who is a tall lanky fighter that can use his reach effectively? JORGE: (I) better move my head (laughs).


ADCC: If you did fight him, what’s your prediction? JORGE: I don’t fuck with predictions


ADCC:  What can a victory over someone like Grove do for your career in the UFC? JORGE: A victory can only move one forward.


ADCC:  Well thanks for your time Jorge and good luck in the future.  Do you have anything to say to your fans or sponsors? JORGE: Thank you all very much, your love and support makes the ride a hell of a lot more fun, thanks.

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