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Rio Heroes Crowns a New Super Lightweight Champ

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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, November 7, 2007 – The much anticipated RioHeroes 11 event turned out to be an exciting display of vale tudo fighting at its finest.

The first match pitted William “Torinho” Viana versus Dangelo de Souza Viera. At the get-go it looked like Viera was going to easily handle Viana, who spent the early part of the match on his back in a defensive stance. But as the bout progressed, Viana showed off his lighting quick moves by landing a series of blows to Viera’s face that prompted referee Jorge Pereira to stop the battle in Torinho’s favor.

In the second qualifier, newcomer Marcelo Franca from the small province of Corichiba, easily beat Sao Paulo’s Isaac “Nanico Black” Tavares, setting up a semi-final showdown with Viana. The third qualifying, and highly anticipated match, featured Macaco Gold Team’s Alexandre “Spider” Argolo taking on Ricardo Caetano. Ricardo is a 146-pound mass of Jiu Jitsu muscle and was starving for his first Rio Heroes win.

Despite chatter that Caetano would make it to the final, Spider had other plans as he stomped all over his opponent and sent Caetano packing. In the fourth and final qualifier, Atila Lima was matched up against Peterson Maffort. Lima had no trouble dispatching Maffort, walloping him on the right eye and shutting it closed.

In the first semi-final, Viana controlled the tempo and forced Franca to tap out and end the fight. Argolo earned the privilege of going up against Atila Lima in the second semi-final match. Lima beat Argolo a devastating series of punches and kicks that prevented Spider from taking the fight to the ground. Lima finished the “Spider” with a devastating blow to his temple.

In the final, Viana dispatched the hard-charging Lima with a flurry of roundhouse punches and kicks. The Sao Paulo native was crowned Rio Heroes 11 Super Lightweight Champion in front of 200 roaring fans that lined the perimeter of the steel cage, which rattled from their excitement. is an entertainment web-site that showcases Vale Tudo fighting in its purest form. Broadcasting live from a steel cage in Rio De Janeiro, Rio Heroes fighters compete without gloves, rounds or time limits in no-holds barred action. The league embraces the highest levels of honor and integrity common among all Vale Tudo masters.


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