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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Demian Maia ready for the Super Challenge Grappling – Franjinha Seminar in Hawaii and more 

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Demian Maia ready for the Super Challenge Grappling 

After winning ADCC 2007 and his match in UFC 77, Demiam looks for a new challenge in Brazil. After winning the best submission in his UFC debut (UFC 77) this past October 20, the 2007 ADCC Under 87KG Champion Demian Maia is looking to secure the title of best grappler in the World by winning the Super Challenge Grappling.

The event takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil on December 8th, 2007 featuring 8 of the best fighters from Brazil and 8 top international fighters competing in the Open division for top $$. Demian promises to show the same forward style he used in ADCC and the UFC. " I come from Jiu-Jitsu and I always seek the submission. i am honored to be invited for the Super Challenge Grappling, es[ecially knowing theat the event has no weight division and that i am going to be one of the lightest competitors. The fact that i am the current ADCC Champion ads pressure and incentive. The athletes already confirmed are all tough and because of that I need to be constantly progressing in my game" stated Maia. 

Amongst the confirmed challengers Demian will face in the Super Challenge Grappling are Grappling Champion Jeff Monson, ADCC 2007 Absolute Champion Robert Drysdale, and ADCC 2007 Heavyweight Champion Fabri­cio Werdum, and Jiu-Jitsu & Submission phenom Ronaldo Jacare. Moew updates to come this week from the organizers so stay tuned!

For more info contatc:

B-TOUGH – Mauricio Costa

(21) 2270-2534 / (21) 7892-2810

Paragon’s Franjinha Mueller Seminar in Hawaii

Hi everyone,

I will be in Kauai from Nov 7 to 13. I’ll teach privates and one seminar on Nov 13 at 5 pm at Bruno’s place (the long man). If you have interest in visit us, set up some private class or get more info. Please, feel free to contact Bruno at (808)645-1265 or call me at (805)252-3624 .

On Nov 14 to 20, I will be in Maui at Luis heredia’s Place ( Limao) teaching privates and one seminar probably on Saturday Nov 17. If you want setup some train or get more info call Limao at (808) 575-9930 or myself at (805) 252-3624

Anyone interest in host a seminar with the Paragon instructors Team please fell free to contact me at (805)252-3624 or My e-mail is [email protected] We are starting to make our schedule for 2008.

Thanks ,

Update on the Black Belt Training Network

Hello Guys

Things are moving fast for the Network we already have 10 black belts that will participate in the training session. 
1. Anthony Delvalle
2. John Munoz
3. Johnny Ramirez
4. Oscar "Japa" Neves
5. Rick Estrada
6. Joe Camacho
7. John Delao
8. Jamie Walsh
9. Andreh Anderson
10. Marcos " Yemaso" Torregrosa
The proposed date is November 17th, start time 10:00am and the first session will be held at the MMA training center in Moreno Valley, California …visit website for exact address ( )

I am hoping to have 12-15 black belts for our first meeting so be sure to past on the information to any other black belt. 
Finally, VERY IMPORTANT:  Is November 17th good for everyone? 

The current training agenda will be as follows:

10:00am    Introductions- everyone meeting eachother some for the first time
10:30am    brief discussion and any questions answered by host- Anthony Delvalle
10:45am    Members will show unique Jiu-jitsu drills that they use for their students- (demo open to anyone)
                    We will do some of these drills and warm-up at the same time.
11:30am    Members will share Jiu-jitsu techniques- (open to anyone, I’ll ask for volunteers at the time)
12:30pm    Open sparring
1:30  pm    Break for lunch
2:30   pm    Problem solving- Best time to ask the other black belts for recommendations to deal with any problems that you have in your jiu-jitsu game, i.e. escaping from a certain position, finishing a certain technique…or anything you want.  This should be an exciting time…you get to ask other experts (that you’ve just rolled with) for  recommendations to help your personal Jiu-jitsu  development.
3:30  pm    Close of meeting- chose future trainng date, host school, training agenda, close out any business

This training agenda is flexible, so any suggestions you have will be considered.

Also, this is an exclusive black belt training session not open to the public…there will be no filming and no large crowds, so be selective on who you bring, i.e. wife, girlfriend, buddy, etc.  Let me know if you need to discuss this with me.

Anthony Delvalle/ Member
BJJ BlackBelt Network
909-567-1604 Cell
951-479-8913 home
951-656-1572 MMA gym (from 5:00pm -10:00pm)

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid Peligro
[email protected]


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