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Today, it is with great regret that I am forced to announce that the US Open San Da Championships are ON HOLD. Unfortunately, when you agree to be part of a larger umbrella event you are also agreeing to be subject to larger issues that are often beyond your control.

In the past few days, a number of issues became of great concern to us. We firmly believe that anyone who devotes time to training and dedicates themselves enough to step into a ring or cage to fight deserves the best possible event. This is especially true when those athletes are traveling from across the country and in some cases with this event from other nations. Since the answers to our questions did not materialize, we were forced to put the event on hold. It is unfortunate but in the long run it is in the best interests not only of the athletes but the sport as a whole.

As of today, the US Open San Da Championships will not be part of the “Battle at the Boardwalk” event. Neither myself nor anyone associated with me will be involved. Instead, I will be meeting with the sanctioning body, the USKBA, to discuss options on how to proceed. At this time I have been presented with three potential alternatives. I sincerely hope that by this weekend I will be able to present to you all a new date and venue for our annual event.

With my apologies
David A Ross
New York San Da

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