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Clean Sweep for Team Rhino at Battle Cage Xtreme II

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If you were affiliated with the Rhino Fight Team, then you had a good night. Out of five fights, the team went four and one which included a clean sweep of the title bouts. Their heavyweight, Carlos Moreno, showed why he is the hardest hitting competitor in the East Coast in his division by knocking out Chris Volo in the second round of their main event. After the first round, which saw no action, Moreno picked his spots an unleashed a barrage of strikes that put Volo down for the night. In other title bouts, Kevin Roddy submitted Cory Laplant, Tom Gallicchio submitted Brian Demuro, and Steve D’angelis out-pointed Matt Zaccaria. Here are the full results:

Battle Cage Xtreme II
Saturday, September, 15, 2007

Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ   

Carlos Moreno (Rhino Fight Team) vs. Chris Volo (AMA/Renzo Gracie)
Winner: Moreno via KO – 0:50 rd. 2

Moreno in now USKBA Heavyweight Champion

Brian Demuro (Team Balance) vs. Tom Gallicchio (Rhino Fight Team)

Winner: Gallicchio via rear-naked-choke – 4:45 rd. 1

Gallicchio is now the USKBA Welterweight Champion 

Cory Laplant (CNY MMA) vs. Kevin Roddy (Rhino Fight Team)

Winner: Roddy via armbar – 0:54 rd. 1
Roddy is now the USKBA Lightweight Champion

Matt Zaccaria (CNY MMA) vs. Steve D’angelis (Rhino Fight Team)

Winner: D’anglelis via unanimous decision after three rounds
D’angelis is now the Battle Cage Xtreme Featherweight Champion

Nick Callandrino (CNY MMA) vs. Robert Cunane (Freestyle)

Winner: Callandrino via TKO – 1:47 rd. 1

Randy Smith (CNY MMA) vs. Braden Bice (Rozzi Jiu-Jitsu)

Winner: Bice via KO – 2:02 rd. 1

Andrew Rittles (Renzo/Almeida) vs. John Swangler (Rhino Fight Team)
Winner: Rittles via KO – 1:14 rd. 1

Glenn Garibaldi (Renzo/Almeida) vs. Don Wagner (Freestyle)

Winner: Wagner via KO – 2:17 rd. 1

Tim Troxell (AMA Renzo Gracie) vs. Blair Tugman (CNY MMA)

Winner: Troxell via unanimous decision after three rounds

Damien Vitale (CNY MMA) vs. Chino Del Pena (TSK)
Winner: Vitale via disqualification (excessive cage grabbing) – 1:45 Rd. 1

Vasilica Goian (TSK) vs. Brian Cohen (Freestyle)

Winner: Goian via TKO 1:25 rd. 1

Mike Geurin (Team Kodakan Judo) vs. Will Hamilton (TSK)

Winner: Geurin via unanimous decision after three rounds

Left to right - Moreno, Galicchio, Roddy, & D'angelis.

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