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After a few years from the split of the team and after a lot of hard work from the Alliance coaches, the Eagle is back on the top again! With solid performances in the last Pan Am and now in the Mundials, the team is stronger than ever, showing an incredible arsenal of new techniques developed in our labs, Alliance proved that our jiu jitsu is science above all.

Jacare states: “We never look back or keep crying because of this or that. We took the challenge to be a small team once again and worked even harder to organize everything, to give our fighters a structure to train, to develop new methods of training, and new techniques. With world class instructors such as Fabio Gurgel, Franjinha, Marcelo Garcia, Fabio Clemente, Alexandre Paiva, Zicro, Sucuri, Soluco to name a few, we now have schools located throughout the U.S.,Brasil,and Europe, which all have top of the line accommodations, and of course fighters to develop some of the best jiu-jitsu in the planet.

Fighters such as: Cobrinha, Lucas Lepre, Michael Langhi, Chris Moriarty, Michel Langhi, Eric, Eamon, Gabriel, Ian, Thiago, Batista, Jonathan, April and many others that made our team go back to the top. Our fighters were on fire on the mats in Long Beach giving a show to the public with a vast arsenal of techniques, always looking for submissions, that is the essence of the art. We won first place in the Juvenile division and second overall in the adult division. We had 3 teams representing and each did an amazing job.

The A-team mentioned above and the B-team featured amongst others guys like Bill Cooper (second place in the brown belt absolute division) and Gabriel (first place in the middle purple belt division) beating Kayron Gracie on his way to the gold. The team demonstrated unity at its best, with everybody helping each other and fighting with a lot heart, truly representing the spirit of a tradition that goes back in time to my master Rolls Gracie to who I owe everything that I know. Every time we go to a big tournament I pray for him, I am 100% sure he is always looking out for us, I can sense that, I can feel his presence wherever we go. We now continue on with new focus and dedication to our students and family in hopes to constantly improve and continue to stay on top!”
Robson Moura Seminar In Canada

Complete Martial Art and Fitness Inc. will be hosting a two day seminar with Robson Moura.  This will be the first time for the current and 7x world champion to go Canada to conduct a seminar.
The two day Seminar will take place on September 22 and 23.   Both days will start a 12:00pm and run till about 3:00pm.  For more information please contact A.J. Scales @ 306.501.3818 or goto

First Kids BJJ Tournament In MIDDLE EAST
White , Yellow , Orange & Green Belts
Over 60 Participants already
10th of September
6:15 PM  At  Prince Rashid Matrial Arts Complex (Sports City)
All Welcome ! No Tickets !
For More Details Call Moh’d Bilbeisi  07 456 02020 

– Mohammad BilBeisi  
– Zaid Mirza
– Pedro Galiza
– Jonatas Gurgel
Team Mirza

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid Peligro
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