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Normally when a fighter loses his last two fights in the UFC, he is in the unemployment line next week. However, Clay Guida is the exception. After losing two decisions in last two fights that could have easily gone in his favor, Guida isn’t letting those losses linger or keep his attitude down.  Armed with a new UFC contract and another dangerous opponent ahead of him, Guida is ready to put on another fight of the year candidate. Here is what Guida told ADCC News in this quick Q&A in regards to his upcoming bout with Marcus Aurelio at UFC 74: Respect on August 25, 2007.
ADCC: Clay, talk about your last two decision losses to Din Thomas and Tyson Griffin. Which one are you more upset with? In your opinion, did you do enough to earn two victories? CLAY: In my opinion, the fights speak for themselves. I believe Din and I should’ve received fight of the night. I think I pushed the pace enough in both fights to get the nod. Evidently the judges did not see that. I was upset with myself about both of them for leaving it up to someone else. I’m past those fights.
ADCC: The last fight seemed very emotional for you as you dedicated the fight to Jeremy Williams who suddenly passed in May of this year. What kind of person was Jeremy to you? CLAY: Words cannot describe the impact Jeremy had on mine and my brother’s life, even while living across the country. Not only ours, but everyone around him. He is a delightful human being, and will be missed by all.
ADCC: With two losses in a row, is this fight do or die for you? CLAY: This is the most important fight in my career. The UFC really doesn’t need fighters with 1-3 records in their organization. I would have to say a win is extremely urgent. I signed a new contract before the Griffin fight.
ADCC: If it’s any consolation, you are taking on top competition. Do you pride yourself on taking fights against top competition? CLAY: I take pride in fighting the best, because I strongly believe I am one of the best lightweights in the UFC at the present time. Regardless of my record. I perform better when I’m pushed.
ADCC: Well it doesn’t get any easier for you for you next fight when you take on Marcus Aurelio. How excited are you to fight some one of his caliber? CLAY: I was blown away when I heard that someone tapped (Takanori) Gomi in the first round. I am pumped to be competing against the former challenger for the Pride Lightweight Title, in the UFC.
ADCC: What advantages do you have against him and do you think because it’s his UFC debut, he is at a disadvantage? CLAY: I believe I have the advantages of the crowd, and the pace that I keep for three rounds.
ADCC: How does this fight end? CLAY: This fight ends with everyone in their feet screaming for more!
ADCC: What happens if you win this fight? Do you want a rematch against Thomas or Griffin?  CLAY: I want to keep winning, and working towards a title shot. I had a few setbacks early. I will bounce back in a big way.
ADCC: Well thank you for your time Clay and we wish you luck in you next fight. Do you have anything to say to your fans or sponsors? CLAY: Thank you for your time Arias. I would like to thank my parents for their support. My brother, trainers, instructors, and friends, for their help along the way. Sponsors; MLE Signs, Premier Fighter, Fairtex, Pimpit Fight Team, and Renegade Fight Gear. Thanks again Arias

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