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The “TAPOUT CREW” Gears Up For Action On The Versus Channel Beginning June 3rd

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TapouT is synonymous with Mixed Martial Arts. But don’t think that the underbelly of the fight world is stopping there. With a high-octane clothing line and a new reality series airing June 3rd on the Versus Channel, Tapout is taking the world by turbulent storm, one fighter at a time.

Watch the first season’s eight episodes, and learn why the “TapouT Crew” are the quintessential bad boys of the MMA. The first series of its kind, “TapouT Crew” will break ground for reality television.

Let Mask, Punk Ass and Skyskrape take you on a heart-palpitating ride – from the constantly rambunctious TapouT warehouse in California, to an out-of-control trek cross-country in their decked out tour bus in lure of discovering the next top-notch fighter. Extreme antics are inevitable when these guys hit the road, but that never stops them from completing their mission. “We do what we’ve always done; find the nobodies and help them become somebodies,â€� says the Crew’s Founder and Leader, Mask.

The “TapouT Crew” are wild, crazy, creative adrenaline junkies replenishing their high with constant doses of mixed martial arts fights and still finding time to make outspoken appearances at events and schmooze with the MMA elite along the way.
They know raw talent when they see it . “This isn’t let’s lock 16 guys in a house, document their bickering and hope someone cares enough to see how they fight,” Mask adds, “In our own ridiculous, obnoxious No one is better! In the world of MMA, TapouT is beyond reproach. We are the best at everything we do and will bring MMA to reign supreme! It’s the best sport in the world!”

This irreverent threesome boasts an “inyaface” attitude that is unparallel for its generation. Beginning June 3rd on the Versus Channel, “˜TapouT Crew” will show the nation just how “Bad for the Sport” they really are.

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