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Dan Henderson vs. Rampage
Zuffa – Saving The Pieces
Although those who have been watching Chuck and Rampage most likely speculated another victory for the hilarious Rampage, perhaps fewer speculated such a quick ending to the much hyped rematch. It’s as if the UFC suddenly started recreating foreign films, a film series called PRIDE.

Zuffa has desperately been awaiting the star power that PRIDE FC has sprung from its fractured bow in bankruptcy while Dana and Lorenzo have been throwing life preservers to the enormous talent that brought this sport to its break through status. As the huge talent pool swam from the gills of the sharks, Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg called the action and now Dan Henderson has returned like a messiah walking on water with a belt over each shoulder, PRIDE’s Light heavyweight and Middleweight titles.

Dan Henderson is one of the men who has been here since early on, coming from the Semaphore days of the UFC. He was part of the top talent that RINGS discovered and PRIDE further developed. Already a giant in Japanthe modest Henderson impressed his fellow Americans by taking out Wanderlai Silva in what would be the last great PRIDE show.

Now, it is from this pool that Zuffa era UFC matchmakers are creating main attractions. It is the rise of former PRIDE talent like Anderson Silva, Lyoto Michada, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, etc… that keeps exciting possibilities within Zuffa’s reach. Unfortunately, they are letting the talent into the octagon little by little by little. Now what Zuffa needs to do is put the star power throughout every fight card, although that must be difficult while putting on so many shows, especially in late May and June. Meanwhile, you can add Dan Henderson to the list of possible UFC match ups in your mind.

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