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UFC Champion Matt Serra Autograph Session at New Breed Fighters

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<b>New Breed Fighters: “Genesis: The Time Has Come (Amateur MMA Show)</b>

On Saturday  May 18th, 2007,  live from the  House of Blues  in Atlantic City, New Jersey, New Breed Fighters will present another exciting night of amateur mixed-martial-arts.  15 bouts are already scheduled for Genesis: The Time Has Come, as these local athletes test their abilities to see if they have what it takes to be a professional fighter.  Also scheduled for that night will be an autograph session with newly crowned UFC Welterweight  Champion, Matt Serra from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.  Tickets for this event can be purchased through all ticket master outlets or through pre-order by calling 877-580-6673, courtesy of Pro Sports Investments.  Here is a look at the projected card*:

Scott Maulger       vs.   Frank Clemens     – 155lbs
Aldofo Sanchez      vs.   Augie Lebron      – 165lbs
Nick Mauriello      vs.   Gasper Oliver     – 154lbs
Lester Caslow       vs.   Bobby Kelly       – 159lbs
Joe Gregory         vs.   Mike Deleon       – 175lbs
Jeff Platt          vs.   Dave  Maestas     – 185-189 lbs
Shane Vann          vs.   Tom Vander Horst  – 185lbs
Ryan Bell           vs.   Mike Donahue      – 185lbs
Chris Holcome       vs.   Carlos Feliciano  – 185lbs
Justin Bontanatis   vs.   Tony Mill         – 175lbs
Rex Occur           vs.   Bob Petoskey      – 205-209lbs
Chris Jones         vs.   Devin Derrick     – 205 lbs
Byron ‘Guage’ James vs.   Jason Warren      – 230-245lbs
Ryan Smith          vs.   Shawn  Foreman    – 170lbs
Mark Berrocall      vs.   Neil Marron       – 185lbs

*card subject to change


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