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An Open Letter from Kimo (Leopoldo) to Tito (Ortiz)

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Hey, what’s up, Tito:
First of all, I want to thank you for getting me a part in the movie, The Dog Problem, produced by James Caan’s son, Scott. The fight scene we did was killer, except for the black eye; thanks a lot. We’re still homeys, though.
You showed a lot of heart, as always, against Chuck (Liddell). I kept walking in and out of the room because I couldn’t stand to watch it. I literally mourned your loss; tears were flowing from my eyes.
I’ve always had tremendous respect for you, going all the way back to our HB (Huntington Beach) days. You’ve taken it to another level since then by the way you’ve handled yourself and performed in the cage. It’s sad that politics are starting to get to you now. You’re one of the elite names in our sport, deserving much more respect and recognition than you’ve been getting. I’ve had that same problem since day one (UFC3 vs. Royce Gracie).
I’m sorry but I find it humorous that Dana (White) has chosen you as his target of ridicule. A few weeks back, he made a few unprovoked, derogatory remarks against me. You know, like I know, Tito, that he’d only do that over the phone, through the media, or with security protecting him. I’d love to see you fight him anyway he wants it.
I also want to formally invite you to check out New Era Fighting ( for a brief description of what we’re all about. I know that New Era Fighting would allow you to better showcase your skills.
You really care about your fans. New Era Fighting is completely based on fan and fighter appreciation. It’s well worth your time to consider New Era Fighting as a valuable, exciting option as well as a career-defining opportunity for you.
The MMA world is wide open to you. Many things are going on in your career right now. I just want to repay you for what you did for me with the movie. You know how to get a hold of me, bro. Let’s talk about New Era Fighting.
Be true, Tito.
God bless and aloha,

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