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The Superfight for ADCC 2007 is now set. Dean Lister had to withdraw a few days ago because of injury leaving an opening to be fullfilled. ADCC wishes Dean a speedy recovery and look forward to having him come back strong in ADCC 2009. However the show must go on, replacing Dean in the Superfight against current Absolute winner Roger Gracie, will be none other than Ricardo Arona. As you may recallm Arona could not defend his Superfight title in ADCC 2005 against Dean because of contratual obligations with Pride. Now in a turn of events Arona gets to replace Dean, setting up a spectacular battle with Roger.Changes in the Men’s brackets: Arona leaves a space in the U99KG division, Alexandre ‘Cacareco’ steps down in weight replacing Arona in the U99KG category and 2003 Winner Jon Olav Einemo steps up in Cacareco’s place in the Over 99KG category! Additionally UFC fighter Joe Stevenson steps in the U76KGBelow is the most current Men’s and Ladies line up revised with the latest changes and the addition of the Japanese trial winners!To purchase tickets online for the 2007 ADCC go to Buy ADCC ticketsSuperfight:Roger Gracie v Ricardo Arona2007 UNDER 65 KG NAME STYLE RANK COUNTRY 1 LEO VIEIRA BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 2 MARCIO FEITOSA BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 3 JEFF GLOVER BJJ BLACK USA 4 RANI YAHIRA BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 5 JAVI VAZQUEZ BJJ BLACK USA 6 SIM GO BJJ Black USA 7 EDWARD SANCHEZ BJJ BLACK USA 8 BRUNO FRAZZATO BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 9 JAMIE BALLARD AUS 10 Naoya Uematsu JAPAN 11 BLAIR TUGMAN WRESTLER USA12 BARET YOSHIDA BJJ BLACK USA13 RENIER NICOLAS FRANCE14 AFRICA TRIALS 2007 UNDER 76 1 MARCELO GARCIA BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 2 PABLO POPOVICH BJJ BLACK USA 3 RENZO GRACIE BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 4 SAULO RIBEIRO BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 5 DREW FICKETT USA 6 NELSON MONTEIRO BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 7 MARK BOCEK BJJ CANADA 8 EDUARDO RIOS PORTUGAL 9 MILTON VIEIRA BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 10 KURT PELLEGRINOBJJ BLACK USA 11 GEORGE SOTIROPOULOS AUSTRALIA 12 ANDRE GALVAO BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 13 Daisuke Sugie JAPAN 14 AFRICA TRIALS 15 JOE STEVENSON USA2007 UNDER 87 1 RAFAEL LOVATO JR BJJ BLACK USA 2 DAMIEN MAIA BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 3 CHRIS MORIARTY BJJ USA 4 ROSIMAR PALHARES BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 5 FLAVIO ALMEIDA BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 6 BRUNO BASTOS BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 7 HAIM GOZALI MMA ISRAEL 8 DELSON HELENO BJJ BLACK BRAZIL 9 TRAVERS GRUBB AUSTRALIA 10TARSYS HUMPHREIS BJJ BLACK BRAZIL11 DAVID AVELLAN USA12 SAULI HEILIMO FINLAND13 RICK MACAULEY BJJ USA 14 Yushin Okami JApan15 MARKO HELEN FINLAND16 AFRICA TRIALS 2007 UNDER 99 KG 1 CHRISTIANO LAZZARINI BJJBLACK BRAZIL2 XANDE RIBEIRO BJJ BLACK BRAZIL3 ANTHONY PEROSH BJJ AUSTRALIA4 MIKHAIL CIRKUNOV CANADA5 Cacareco BJJ BLACK BRAZIL6 ROBERT DRYSDALE BJJ BLACK USA7 IGOR VOVCHANCHYN MMA UKRAINE8 VICBART GERALDINO JUDO BLACK DOMINICANREPUBLIC9 NICK ACKERMAN WRESTLER USA10 TIM BOETSCH WRESTLER USA11 STEVE RUSK WRESTLER USA12 RADEK TUREK POLAND13 THOMAS SZCZEREK POLAND14 BRAULIO ESTIMA BJJ BLACK BRAZIL15 Yukiyasu Ozawa Japan16 AFRICA TRIALS2007 OVER 99 KG 1 JEFF MONSON BJJ champion USA2 GABRIEL NAPAO BJJ black BRAZIL3 PE DE PANO BJJ BLACK BRAZIL4 MARIO RINALDI USA5 Jon Olav Einemo BLACK Norway6 RICCO RODRIGUEZ MMA USA7 ROY NELSON MMA USA8 LUIZ THEODORO BJJ BLACK BRAZIL9 ELVIS SINOSIC BJJ BLACK AUSTRALIA10 JANNE PIETILAINEN FINLAND 11 ROLLES GRACIE BJJ BLACK BRAZIL12 MARCOS OLIVEIRA BRAZIL13 Naomichi Nagata JAPAN 14 AFRICA TRIALS15 BRIAN VITAL USALadies Line Up:Under 121 pounds FELICIA OH (NA Trials Champion) MEGUMI FUJI BIANCA ANDRADE (Brazil Trials Champion) CINDY HALES (USA) Sayaka Shioda JAPAN TRIALS Jean Alvisse – AUSTRALIA TRIALS 121-132 pounds KYRA GRACIE (Champion) BrazilCASSANDRA RIVERS-BLASO (NA Trials Champion) TARA LAROSA (USA) VANESSA PORTO (Brazil Trials Champion) AMANDA BUCKNER (USA) HITOMI AKANO Takayo Hashi JAPAN TRIALS Caoimhe McGill (Northern Ireland) Europe Trials Rebecca Attwood – AUSTRALIA TRIALS 132-147 DEBBIE PURCELL (USA) JULIANA BORGES (Defending Champion) STACEY CARTWRIGHT (Australia) HANNETTE STACK (Brazil Trials Champion) KELLY PAUL (NA Trials Champion) Shayna Baszler – USAKeiko Tamai JAPAN TRIALS Marloes Coenen (Holland) EUROPE TRIALS Fiona Muxlow – AUSTRALIA TRIALS Over 147 CELITA SCHULTZ (NA Trials) OLGA BAKALAPOULOUS (Canada) ROSANGELA CONCEICAO (Brazil Trials) LANA STEFANIC (USA) Yoko Takahashi JAPAN TRIALS Reserved EUROPE TRIALS Maryanne Mullahy – AUSTRALIA TRIALS

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