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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Alliance Mega Seminar – Royler Gracie Seminar – AD International BJJ Cup and more

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Alliance Team Mega SeminarAlliance Team is planning a Mega Seminar with many of their top instructors including Marcelo Garcia, Fabio Gurgel, Jacare & Cobrinha. In addition there will be the presence of Traven, Tarsis, Soluco, JD Shelley, Pat Harvey, Abdul & Sucuri. THe seminar will be conducted in 4 separate sessions.This is the final training for the Alliance Team preparation for the 2007 Pan-Ams. Jacare expects fighters from USA, Brazil, Equador, Venezuela, Canada & Europa to participate in teh team.For more info contact [email protected]Royler Gracie Seminar and Guest of HonorRoyler Gracie will be conducting a Seminar at Grappling Concepts RGDA Gracie Jiujitsu on March 24th at 11am call 314-954-0532 or email JW Wright at [email protected] Royler will also be guest of honor at MMA Genesis At the Family Arena that night. So come chear on the RGDA fighters and have a good time.. ABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL JIU-JITSU CUP 2007 ! INNOVATIONS: 2 New categories for beginners onlyThe 2 new categories wills timulate the beginners with the Under 70Kg and above 70 KG .Only allowed in the BJJ Cuo beginners categories are white belts over 16 years of age and under 5 months training.The cahmpions will receive $300.00 prize registration now at : [email protected] [email protected] +97150 8273934 Results Amsterdam Open BJJ & Grappling Jiu Jitsu (Gi) Name Academy CountryWhite Belt – 67 kg 1 Alabaev Vakhid Exit BJJ Belgium2 Dennis Beckx Team UCT Spartans Holland3 Stephan Kerkhoven Rickson Gracie Holland3 Hamid Korchi Sankuno BJJ FranceWhite Belt – 73 kg 1 Olivier Diekman GB Caveirinha Germany 2 Robin de Vries Sportstudio All-Inn Holland3 Matty Hayada Exit BJJ Belgium3 Kieron Newton Marc Walder GB UKWhite Belt – 79 kg 1 Tristan Diekman GB Caveirinha Germany2 Nicky Maison GB Braulio Estima UK 3 Marco Manara Nova Uniao Italy3 Patrick vd Velde Sportstudio All-Inn HollandWhite Belt – 85 kg 1 Peter Jordan SDSC Team UK2 Desmond vd Berg Marcos Flexa Holland3 William Koplitz Roger Gracie Academy UK 3 Bart van Reijt Yamasaki Belgium BelgiumWhite Belt – 91 kg 1 Adrian Roberts GB Braulio Estima UK2 Illugi Ljotson Hilti BJJ Uppsala Sweden3 Joca Rodrigues Rickson Gracie Rotterdam Holland3 Peer Hanneke GB Caveirinha Germany White Belt + 91 kg 1 Martin Gobel GB Caveirinha Germany2 Duncan Diaz Team Agua Holland3 Marino Lemmer Team Agua Holland3 Goksel Bottcher GB Caveirinha GermanyBlue and Up – 67 kg 1 Hannu Jokela Alliance Finland Finland 2 Cedric Strykowski Ze Marcello / Grizzen Belgium3 Wictor Dalhstrom Hilti BJJ Uppsala Sweden3 Patrik Jonsson Prana BJJ SwedenBlue and Up – 73 kg 1 Oliver Geddes Roger Gracie Academy UK2 Walter Welander Prana BJJ Sweden 3 Ken van Gilbergen Exit BJJ Belgium3 Abdullah al-Omari Team Agua HollandBlue and Up – 79 kg 1 Vagner Boca Team Agua / Alliance Brasil2 Jukka Korpelainen Alliance Finland Finland3 Bart Creemers Yamasaki Belgium Belgium 3 Christophe Deferme Exit BJJ BelgiumBlue and Up – 85 kg1 David Pierre Louis Sankuno BJJ France2 Luciano Cristovam Roger Gracie Academy UK3 Daniel Bertina Carlson Gracie Holland3 Remco Rettob Yamasaki Holland Holland Blue and Up -91 kg 1 Hans Stringer Yamasaki Holland Holland2 Sam Turky Team Agua Holland3 Pawel Kaminski* Walka Gniezno Poland3 Dennis Wong Yamasaki Belgium BelgiumBlue and Up +91 kg 1 Jessie Gibbs Team Agua Holland 2 Peter Cyrano Team Agua Holland3

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